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Okay since the new year, on the topic of social networking sites, theres always one name popping up. Twitter.

The Twitter phenomenom allows users to view others lifestyle and gives you the opportunity to follow various celbs around the world. As i look, SoccerManager even have a Twitter and i read earlier about Lily Allen and Perez Hilton publically arguing against each other.

Anyway, i'm off to make a twitter and yeahh i'll post more details later.

Anyone else have twitter?

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Re: Twitter

Hmmmmm :rolleyes:

Must say i am suprised. I've watched various programmes in the last couple of weeks with people such as Stephen Fry' date=' Russel Howard and Fearne Cotton all talking about it.

Maybe it's just the programmes i've been watching.

Anyway i'm going to make one soon?

Anyone got a twitter?[/quote']

I haven't got it but like you i am surprised to hear that very few people have heard about it.

I think the first time i heard it was about 2/3 weeks ago when Chris Moyle's was talking about it, and since then i have heard about it a few times each day!!

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Re: Twitter

Same. If there target market is kids' date=' surely something like Bebo or MySpace would be more suitable / bring in more new customers?[/quote']Originally created for the guy to keep in contact with his friends, but I think the target market is more High Teens ~ Professionals, a very good business tool.

If anyone fancies adding me, feel free: Twitter / Xenonsoft

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