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Haydn's guide as to what you could do in different match situations.

Guest westhamunitedfc

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Guest westhamunitedfc

Before the new advanced tactics were introduced to the game, we couldn't change anything in the middle of the game, however, now we can alter formations and playing styles. Although we haven't had the new system for that long yet, I have picked up on a few things that I am going to pass on. These are based on my own experiences with the new advanced tactics and the more I use them, I will continue to update them.

After 45 minutes:

  • Bacially, I wouldn't change anything after 45 minutes, no matter what the situation is.

After 60 minutes:

  • Depending on what your tactics are up until the hour mark, you might want to change them or keep them the same when the 60 minutes is reached.

If your team is winning by 1 goal:

  • If you started the match with attacking tactics, I would keep them as they are as you could always go and nick a 2nd goal and get that bit more breathing space. The only thing I would maybe change is cancel some of the forward runs made by some of the players.
  • If you started your match with normal or defensive tactics, I would also keep these the same because you are winning when you have been playing defensively and you wouldn't want to start over committing players when you have been defensive for most of the game.

If your team is winning by 2 or more goals:

  • I would switch the mentality to normal. Also, switch the tempo to normal and the passing to short in order to keep possession because if the other team don't have the ball, what can they do.
  • If you already play with defensive tactics, then keep them the same and get men behind the ball.

If your team is losing by 1 or 2 goals:

  • I would always put the mentality to 'attacking' if this was the situation. Set the attacking style to 'through the middle' and the passing style to 'direct'. This way, the ball will always be played down the middle straight through to the strikers. This combined with a fast tempo would make your team more likely to get the ball up front quicker. Add a few forward runs from midfield to boost the attack.

If your team is losing by 3 or more goals:

  • You should definately have the mentality at 'very attacking' combined with a fast tempo, direct passing style and attacking through the middle. Also, play offside. This will push your backline further up the field.
  • If you are playing with fullbacks, push them up along with any other wide players and the CMs unless they are CM/DM.

After 75 minutes:

If your team is winning:

  • At this stage, if my team is winning by any score, I would switch to defensive mentality with the 4-5-1 defensive formation. This combined with short passing and a slow tempo make an ideal combination for keeping the ball.
  • Play with men behind the ball, do not play offside and use target man.
  • Generally, I believe the best positions to have on the pitch for this situation would be:






  • You notice all the players apart from the forward are more defensively minded. I would be instructing all the midfielders to make advanced runs backwards.
  • However, it could be worth it leaving a winger in the RM or LM position and instructinghim to make a diagonal run towards the striker. This has worked for me a few times with a defensive outlook.

If your team is losing:

  • Well, this is it, you have to be very attacking, a direct approach played through the middle and a fast tempo. I wouldn't use a target man in this scenario as you should have at least 3 strikers up front.
  • This would be the time to change your formation aswell to something like a 4-3-3, 3-4-3, 3-3-4, 4-2-4. Which ever one of these formations you chose, all wide players including full-backs should be making advanced forward runs.

I hope this helps those of you who have struggled to come to terms with the new system.

If anybody has any questions about the advanced tactics and in-game tactics, feel free to ask me as I believe I have got to grips with it

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Guest westhamunitedfc

Re: Haydn's guide as to what you could do in different match situations.

like i said, i've personally tried them and they work. Of course they wont work 100% of the time, but i can definatley see it working

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