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The Stockport County Country Challenge

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The Stockport County 'Country' Challenge

Hello, And Welcome to the Stockport County Country Challenge. Stockport Country are widely becoming known for their great form in League 1 after being promoted last season from League 2, and with a great stadium and youth stadium, County look like they're on the up. This challenge, Similar to various other challenges taking place on the SM Forum, such as The Rochdale Challenge and The Yeovil Challenge, this is latest Challenge with a twist. Working together with Jake Alexiuk,Nick Justice, BowenBoii and Hemenenemy, we feel that this challenge will test manegerial talent and transfer window skills. In this thread, my aim is to describe in detail what this Challenge would entail, and to give you all the information you need to know about the latest challenge of a lower league English Championship club. Please read the challenge information carefully for full information...

Challenge Information:

The idea is that you are to take over a Stockport County team in a new English Championship, from Saturday 19th February onwards. Before, you take control of a team, you must choose a country selection.. By this i mean, there will be four groups listed below, Las Américas, Great Britain, Central Europe & Rest Of The World, more info will be displayed later in the post. The selection you choose will be your 'Feeder Country'. Basically, meaning every player you buy must be of that Nationality. So if you choose England, you can't buy a team full of Brazilian players. Okay? Then there is the matter of selling players that are currently on the squad. In order to make sure it's not like an International Setup/Game World, you have the choice whether you wish to sell the players that aren't from in your chosen country selection. For Example: If you choose Great Britain, you can only buy English, Welsh, Scottish or NI players, however you can choose whether or not you want to sell the rest of the players in your squad. You can keep them, or sell them - It's down to you. However, the only rule is that you must have 5/6 players in your starting line up from your chosen country, that is only if you wish to keep hold of players that don't have the same nationality as your chosen country selection.


Question: Once you have chosen your country selection, can you change it later on in the season?

Answer: No, your final country selection decision is set in stone. Once you have made your decision on your country, you have to stick by it through the challenge. If anyone is found to be abusing the rules and buying players that aren't from their chosen country selection, they'll be immediately expelled from the challenge, and all points will be removed off their final total.

Question: Do I Have To Sell Players That Aren't From My Chosen Country Selection?

Answer: The decision is entirely up to you. If you want to proceed and sell players that aren't from your chosen country feel free, but if you do make sure you buy suitable replacements for the long term. If you don't want to, please make sure that you have at least 5/6 players in your starting line up that are from your chosen country.

Question: Are any loans allowed, and do they have to be players from the nationality of your country?

Answer: Loans are allowed, from other clubs as long as the player you are loaning is from the same nationality as your chosen country. Again, anyone found to be abusing this will be permanently excluded from the competition. You can loan anybody, of any age and any rating.

Question: Are there any rating, or age restrictions on players that can be bought?

Answer: No, there are no restrictions with the age and rating of the players you buy, as long as they're all the same nationality as the chosen country selection. Be careful though, not to run your wage bill too high!

Question: When Can I Get My Club, And Start Buying Players?

Answer: From Saturday 19th February, the competition starts. Please can i ask people who have an interest in taking part to not take a Stockport in an English Championship before Saturday, as i'd like everybody's season to start on the same date, which should be the 26th February. This also gives people a week maximum to bolster their squad buy players.

If you have any questions that haven't been answered please could you PM me, or make your question known over this thread before the competition starts.

Points & Scoring System:

All Credit goes to Toggs, and Radebe, as the scoring system follows the same template as there's. Thank you.

As for the Scoring & Points sytem in comparison to other forumers, there will be a monthly table too compare how youre doing compared with other forumers participating in the challenge. There will be a table at the bottom of the post which will be regularly updated with the points achieved by each forumer, and they'll be able to be publically seen by all forumers. The competition will follow the same rules as Radebe's Rochdale Challenge in terms of how you get points on the table. In case you dont know the rules for that, they are based on three to four things, which are:

Points In The League/Forumers League:

How ever many points that you've collected in that month, will go towards your final total in the forumers league later in this post. As this tournament progresses, some forumers may experience promotions to higher divisions, therefore making points harder to come by than previous divisions. To combat this, the amount of points made will be multiplied and then added to your total:

Div 4: x 1

Div 3: x 1.2

Div 2: x 1.4

Div 1: x 1.6

Cup/Shield Runs:

The further you progress in a cup, the more points up for grabs. Please note that the points are only added once the cup has come to a close. The points are as follows:

Round 3: 3pts

Round 4: 6pts

Quarter Final: 10pts

Semi Final: 20pts

Losing Finalist: 30pts

Winner: 50pts

Final League Position:

Your final league position will also contribute to your final total. Here are the following points:

1st: 30pts

2nd: 20pts

Winning Play-off: 15pts

Losing Play-offs: 10pts

Any Other Position: 0pts

Screenshots & Proof:

In order for the forumers league to work, and the points system to work i would need participants to regularly send me a screenshot, of how they're doing in the league, cup and their squad. This means that i would need screenshots of the following:

  • Screenshot Of Your Schedule
  • Screenshot Of Your Squad
  • Screenshot Of League Table

I've not decided on any dates, but provisionally i would like evidence of how your team on any date of the last week of each month. So in February, for example, i will be asking for screenshots on the week commencing 23rd of Feb & Ending 2nd March.

Country Group/Selections:

As stated before, you have a choice of four country groups, into which group you would like to choose. The group you choose will be the only country group you can buy players from. The groups again are as follows:

1 - Las Américas

If you commit yourself to this group, you can only buy players with the nationality of one of these four places within North & South America. This is Brazil, Argentina, Mexico and USA.

2 - Great Britain

If you commit yourself to this group, you can only buy players with the nationality of one of these four places within Great Britain. This is England, Northen Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

3 - Central Europe

If you commit yourself to this group, you can only buy players with the nationality of one of these four places within Central Europe. This is Spain, France, Portugal and Italy.

4 - Rest Of The World

If you commit yourself to this group, you can only buy players with the nationality of one of these four places within The Rest Of The World. This is Turkey, Russia, Serbia and Australia.


I'm looking for 10 commited and active forumers to join the challenge. Without sounding tight, i don't really want anybody who feels they'll lose interest within 2 days as i'd like this to be a very successful challenge with active match reporters, and comitted managers as a challenge of this type will be very hard to run in the long term. Also, if anybody is willing to help me out in the running of this i'm more than happy to let them do so. Thanks, for your time and i hope you enjoy this challenge.

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Re: The Stockport County Country Challenge

Amazing thread mate must of taken you ages and as you already know I'm in. ;)

Well yeah it's fair to say it's taken me about 2 hours to make. Was gonna post it all last night but changed the final idea of it. Anwyay yeah, the important thing is that people join. As stated before though, in the period of May + June, i have my REAL GCSE's so i will definetly need help off a comitted forumer to help me in my time of need then as i wont be active at all at that time. May log on the odd time in a week and thats about it, but still.... Come On And Join! :D

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Re: The Stockport County Country Challenge

Why did you choose Stockport? They have a grand total of 16 players which will makes it difficult and a small stadium. Regardless I am in. Secondly I won't be on SM on saturday,Sunday or monday. So will have to take a team on tuesday. Is that fine? If that's fine I will chose central Europe

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Guest drseanfitz

Re: The Stockport County Country Challenge

i'm interested, will take central europe if possible

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Re: The Stockport County Country Challenge

Yes anyone who wants to participate can get a team between 21st Feb and 28th Feb. None before, none after

I chose Stockport as they're a local club and a challenge is meant to be challenging so 16 players or whatever who cares, are you up for the challenge is the question.

Come on people, im glad with the ppl that have shown their itnerest atm, thats what i mean by active and committed ;)

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Re: The Stockport County Country Challenge

on msn i said i would take part and be great britain but there is only 1 problem my lap top wont take screen shots:confused: :mad:

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Re: The Stockport County Country Challenge

I've decided im going to increase it to 12 people...

Then thats it. So George and Hem get the last 2 places.

Sorry if you want to sign up but no more people are permitted to sign up now. Sorry, well unless theres a mad rush i'll consider it but atm 12 is max.

Remember you can get a Stockport County from tomorrow onwards until the 28th Feb

Thanks, Adam

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Re: The Stockport County Country Challenge

Right infact, im going to accept requests to join this challenge up til 12:00AM tonight

So you've got under 4 hours to request to join this challenge!


Oh and Cm, your accepted ill update the first post at 12 am tonight....

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Re: The Stockport County Country Challenge

Thats It! No more applicants allowed into this challenge

I have 13 people lined up, and you'll regret that you didn't join

When i have time a table will be compiled for the first post, but now i ask everybody to get a Stockport in a new english champ

You have till saturday 28th to get one, if not you'll be removed from the challenge.

All posts will be updated later tomorrow.

Thanks, Adam

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Re: The Stockport County Country Challenge

Just To Remind Everybody That Everybody Who Expressed Interest In Joining This Challenge, Can Now Begin Their Hunt For A Stockport County In A New EC. I've got Mine, and so has Jake Alexiuk so be active sometime this weekend and try and get one. Remember you have till 28th to get one.

If you havent got one by mid next week, i will go to the effort of pm'ing you but it may mean a points deduction.

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