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English Champ 2474 (Div 3) looking for new blood

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English Champ 2474 (Div 3)

I currently manage Milton Keynes Dons in my first season. I am doing OK

I am worried that the Game World I play in only has 20 active Managers out of a potential 80

Div 3, the division I play in, just has myself and both my sons, aged 19 and 21 years old as active managers.

It's good fun as my eldest son is at university and my youngest son is heading the table.

Don't get me wrong, its great playing my son's 4 times a season but I would like to see more managers join our league as it makes it more of a challenge.

I know its a bit late in the season but if any manager can spare a little time to join our 3rd Division it would be great.

I am not bothered about being promoted this season, I am more interested in team building.

Anyway, if anyone would care to join Div 3, EC 2474, I am sure the three of us will make you feel very welcome.

League Table

1 Barnsley 60 (Taken)

2 Milton Keynes Dons 60 (Taken)

3 Leeds United 58

4 Oldham Athletic 55

5 Southampton 50

6 Leicester City 46

7 Coventry City 41 (Taken)

8 Doncaster Rovers 38

9 Carlisle United 35

10 Walsall 34

As you can see, the 7 spare teams in the top 10 still have a chance of the play offs or even better automatic promotion.

If someone out there can join us for the remaining 12 games of the season, has to be some Leeds, Leicester or Southampton fans on these forums, then as I said, you will be very welcome indeed. :)

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