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GUTO, Pacheco Fraga (75) - 6.5C

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Augusto Pacheco Fraga, better known as Guto, is a former U20 international for Brazil. He mainly plays as a striker, or supporting the strikers. He signed for Sport Club Internacional de Porto Alegre from Criciuma in 2007, where he scored a goal in 12 appearance in 2007 and 2008.

At the beginning of the season, Sport Recife were unsure of what to do for attackers. Fumagalli and Paulo Baier both prefer wing/attacking midfield positions, and hot prospect Ciro was highly unproven. So they signed Guto on loan for a season. Even if Guto wasn't proven either, at least it gave them some options.

Guto hasn't quite been a starter yet, appearing in 4 of 6 matches, two of them as a sub, but has started the last two matches. Coach Nelsinho has praised his performance, and he is compiling an impressive statline. In the 4 games, he has 3 goals, he won a penalty, and has a few assists as well, working up a great partnership with Ciro. If they can keep it up, Sport will be an interesting team to watch in the Brasilierao, and also in the Copa Libertadores (Sport qualified through the back door, winning the Copa do Brasil).

In the long term, he has a contract until 2012 with Internacional. They have a ton of young talent, but it's a question of time before a few of Noir, Walter, Sandro Ranieri, Taison, Giuliano, Talles Cunha and Talles make the jump overseas. One thing that is sure, however, is that Guto is a talent worth watching. Rated 75, he is also a talent worth buying.


1. January 25, 2009 v. Porto - 0:01

2, 3. Jan 28, 2009 v. Ypiranga - 0:14 and 0:23

4. February 4, 2009 v. Cabense - 0:09

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