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MADSON, Formagini (86) - 8A


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To wear number 10 makes you a valuable asset to any club. But at a club like Santos, the number is valued more than anything. Having been passed down through players like Pelé and Diego, wearing the 10 is one of the biggest honours at Santos. This year, Santos have introduced a new 10, signed from Vasco da Gama.

Madson Formagini Caridade is one of the smallest players you will see, stretching up to 5'2, or 157 cm. He began his footballing with local club Volta Redonda, where he attracted Vasco da Gama's interest. Through 2006 and 2007, he was a finge player for Vasco, and was even loaned out to Duque de Caxias, where he was voted Best Player in the second division of Campeonato Carioca. He got Duque promoted.

For the 2008 season, he was loaned to America de Natal, who were in the Brasileiro Serie B. However, Callisto, signed from Kazan, did not perform well at all and Madson was called up. He became the bright spot of Vasco's ill-fated season on the left wing. For the Brasileiro, he got a chance to replace Morais, who left for Corinthians, and performed admirably.

'Madshow', as the fans call him, has proven to be a talented player with speed and trickery, who can provide the long crosses into a centre forward. I expect to see Madson work up a nice connection with Kleber Pereira at Santos, there are already hints of it in the works.

Madson has started all 9 of Santos' Campeonato Paulista games so far, scoring one goal. Santos are not as strong of late as the traditionnal Santos, but I still expect him to become a very decent player.

Madson is currently rated 84.


1. May 24, 2009 v. Fluminense - 2:11

2. May 31, 2009 v. Corinthians - 7:00

3. June 4, 2009 v. Santo André - 1:10



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Re: MADSON, Formagini

I was just on the verge of selling him :D:P

I'm kind of confused right now' date=' i bought him as a money-spinner and he's kind of useless to me. Do you think he can reach a high rating in let's say 2 rating changes time?[/quote']

If he keeps it up, he should be 87-88 in 2 changes time.

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Re: MADSON, Formagini

Madson is now a smashing hit at Santos. He is the workhorse. For a team that relies so much on Kleber, they need a guy who moves around and has the talent to pick him out. Madson and Neymar are those guys.

He scored a goal and an assist yesterday against Flu, and was one of the 6 AM's nominated (2 are chosen) for the Brasileiro team of the week by Brasilian journalists.

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Re: MADSON, Formagini

Another goal last weekend against Corinthians, he scored his 3rd of the year yesterday against Santo André

3 goals out of 5 games, started every match so far. He is Santos' best player this season, without any doubt.

Also, was voted onto the Team of the Round (Brasileiro) for Round 4.

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Re: MADSON, Formagini

On your weekly reports I seem to always see Madson's name now. I believe he's 2nd top scorer with 3 in 7' date=' just behind Kleber Pereira's 4. He's obviously come into his own this season. What do you reckon? Is 88 still possible if Santos can get back to winning ways?[/quote']

87 is possible for the next ones in a month. I definatly encourage it, he's one of the best players in Brazil, week in/week out. Definatly amongst the top 2 AM's, with CX.

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Re: MADSON, Formagini

I've spent the past few days compiling player ratings handed out by Brazilian media giants GLOBO and by the fans on the same website for each match. Compiling an average, here's what I obtained for the 58 players who were studied. I also calculated where they ranked amongst their teammates for each match, to give you a better idea.



5 5.9 Giuliano INT

5 5.9 Sandro INT

5 5.9 Madson SAN

8 5.8 Wallyson APR

8 5.8 Willians FLA


1 7.7 Madson SAN

2 7.3 Cleiton Xavier PAL

3 7.2 Welton Felipe AMG


5 4 Elias COR (4)

5 4 Dalton FLU

5 4 Madson SAN (7)

8 5 Wallyson APR (2)

8 5 Jucilei COR (5)

AVERAGE FAN RANK IN TEAM (# of times first)

1 1 Madson SAN (15)

2 3 Wallyson APR (3)

3 4 Willians (1)

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