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Stilianos Malezas (80 -> 85)


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Stilianos Malezas is a 23 year old CB for PAOK. From a possible 23 games he has played in 19 (17 starts, 2 subs), totalling 1631 minutes, and scoring 1 goal. This makes him PAOK's 5th most played player.


PAOK currently sit an impressive 3rd in the Greek league, level on points with Panathanaikos in 2nd, and 5 points clear of AEK in 4th. Their regulars rate between 85 and 89, but the lower rated ones will probably increase to 86/87 due to PAOK's impressive season thus far.

Based on this, I think a rise of +5 is in order for Malezas, looking back on Wojtkowiak's rise to 85 from 80, and considering Malezas is in a better league, also in Europe. He should get +4 minimum. There's no reason he can't hit 87 in the not-too-distant future if he holds his place at PAOK.

Other players of note are Miroslaw Sznaucner (LB-29-84 -> 86) and Ricardo Veron (CM/28/84 -> 86). Veron is PAOK's second most played player, racking up over 2000 minutes. Sznaucner is PAOK's most played defender, and has the 4th most minutes in the team.

I plan to do a thread on all the substantial risers from Greece and Turkey by the weekend. But the above 3 are the best buys.

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Re: Stilianos Malezas (80 -> 85)

Probably between 1-2 months. SM picked up the pace last month, but then have taken a while over the rest of Section 4, so presuming about 2 weeks for Section 5, 2 for Section 6 (maybe 3), and probably about 2 for Section 7 (Greece could be first or last for all we know), that's anywhere between 5-8 weeks.

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