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WILLIANS, Domingos (87) - 8A

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Re: WILLIANS, Domingos : 2009's Rafael Carioca?

I've spent the past few days compiling player ratings handed out by Brazilian media giants GLOBO and by the fans on the same website for each match. Compiling an average, here's what I obtained for the 58 players who were studied. I also calculated where they ranked amongst their teammates for each match, to give you a better idea.



5 5.9 Madson SAN

8 5.8 Wallyson APR

8 5.8 Willians FLA

8 5.8 Jorbison FLA

8 5.8 Anderson Lessa INT


4 7.1 Souza PAL

6 6.9 Andrezinho INT

7 6.8 Willians FLA

8 6.7 Elias COR

9 6.6 Toloi GOI


1 3 Willians FLA (4)

1 3 Lenon FLA (1)

1 3 Andrezinho INT (4)

AVERAGE FAN RANK IN TEAM (# of times first)

1 1 Madson SAN (15)

2 3 Wallyson APR (3)

3 4 Willians (1)

3 4 Elias COR

3 4 Dalton FLU

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Re: WILLIANS, Domingos : 2009's Rafael Carioca?

Currently the best and most regular Flamengo player. He does everything to save us from hummiliations.

Too bad 1 against 11 isnt enough. Another home loss yesterday.

If you want a name in Flamengo, Willians is the DM you want for the future.

By the way i just remembered hes rated as only 80. He should get a good rise soon!

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Re: WILLIANS, Domingos (85) - 8.5B

The comparison with Rafael Carioca is simply because they both came to a big club and immediatly became starters' date=' both are hard-working defensive midfielders, both were rated 80 and both could be in for the same rise, provided Willians keeps his place and doesnt get hurt.[/quote']

This was posted over a year ago. Say what ;)


Rating: 87

Metre: 8A

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