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Few things I'd Like To Change...


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1. Player's Injury Recovery Time Is Too Long.

-A bruised ankle shouldn't take a month to heal, it just doesn't make sense. Games normally takes place every 3 days or so, recovery time should be cut down by half.

2. Better search system.

-Google can be a perfect example as how the search system should be improved, it can be frustrating trying to find a club or a player even if you mistyped one letter. Also, if u typed the first name first then the last name, you won't find the player you are looking for.

3. More options managing club's finnance.

-Looking at the finnancial report is point-less. managers dont have any control over it. CM can be a good example on how players can manage their teams spending.

4. Formations

-It'd be alot better if managers can create their own formations. For example, if someone wants to play 2-2-6 with 6 strikers up front, by all means they should be able to.

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