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Antionio Mihaylov [AC Milan, 17yo]


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Full Name: Antonio Mihaylov

Nationality: Bulgarian

***: ??.??.1991

Age: 17 years old

Position: AM/S C


A Bulgarian is part of the giants AC Milan. The 17yo Antonio Mihaylov is training with one the youth teams.

Antonio has a 4 year contract with the club, but he's a big fan of Manchester United. He wants to be like Cristiano Ronaldo, although his position on the pitch is more similar to Berbatov's. His career so far is developing in the same way as Bojinov's.

Being the latest Bulgarian to make it in Italy, he's friends with everyone in the team - the biggest partnership being formed with Cafu's son [Wellingtom].

Antonio Mihaylov went to Italy 12 years ago. At the time he was 7, but he didn't forget the Bulgarian language, although he's worried about making any mistakes.

A year ago, the player-manager Emil Danchev gets involved in Antonio's career [note: he's most famous for managing Berbatov].

Mihaylov's brother also played in AC Milan's academy, but he's now playing for another team. His father is a former footballer - Krasimir Pirchev.

"Danchev hasn't met me with Berbatov, but I dream about that." the talented player said.

"I love playing behind the striker, but I can also play alongside him. The tactic is likewise as the one they employ for the first team. Too bad it's hard to make the jump to the seniors."

Before the start of the season, the legendary Franco Baresi was coaching the youngster. Antonio is said to have been of his favorites.

"Antonio, don't try to score beautiful goals. It's important to get the ball in the net" the Rossoneri youth coach yells out during the practice.

"They say I don't have much aggression on the pitch. I don't think I can add that to my personality. I just look for the pleasure of football" Antonio pointed out.

Emil Danchev is closely following his latest gem. The impresario finds the time to visit one of Milan's camps. Danchev has a talk with Mihaylov's coach, but doesn't want to share any details.

"The following months are very important. I spoke to his coach and he's pleased with Antonio" Danchev said briefly.

Antonio looks like a serious lad and he also knows that it's going to take a lot of sweat to appear at "San Siro".

The logical question is if that boy, grown up in Milano, is thinking about his home country. It's obvious - on the display of his phone you can see the Bulgarian flag.


Mihaylov and Cafu's son

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