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GC1 - More competitive?


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Is Gold Championship 1 more competitive than the others?

I'm curious as I've taken over Banik Ostrava and every player that possibly has a smidgen of potential is already signed.

Is it like this on all GC's?

I realise that it's going to be harder joining late, the real players to buy will be the ones added whilst the season goes on but still, it has amazed me a little.

So I put it to you, is GC1 much more competitive than the others?

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Re: GC1 - More competitive?

Sorry' date=' never noticed this.

Yeah, GC 1 is more competitive because all the scouts and brilliant managers want to test themselves against the best. And all the best are in GC1.[/quote']

Best managers GC1

Manager Points Ave Pts Games Club

tebthereb 920 2.84 324 Spartak Moskva

Cally CRL 803 2.60 309 Rangers

Sean Carlin 765 2.44 314 Barcelona

simon sonofpluto (forum) 731 2.49 293 Borussia Dortmund

darren Churchill 721 2.29 315 Lazio

Hong Kong Phooey (Forum) 707 2.36 300 FC Porto

James Brown 695 2.24 310 Lyon

Kara Hegarty 685 2.32 295 Sporting

Jonathan Bougourd 662 2.29 289 Chivas de Guadalajara

Manoj Pamneja 647 2.09 310 Real Madrid

Cheers mate ;)

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