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Hi everyone im new to this my name is mark :) i would like to start of my own rating prediction thread by starting at the place im from SCOTLAND and start with the team i support so here we go:



Allan McGregor 89>90

Was immense last season had a shaky wee start this season think he was rushed back from injury tbh but is now hittng form again.

Neil Alexander 85>85

Alexander has been unlucky due to the fact Mcgregor is so consistent he is a good goalkeeper and was a big part of us getting to the uefa cup final.

Greame Smith 82>80

Hasnt had a look in really think he will move on in the summer.


Sasa Papac 88>89

This guy has been brilliant and become an invaluable player for Rangers with his lung bursting runs down the left hand side has started to add goals to this as well.

Steven Smith 84>82

Dissapointed.This guy was brilliant until his injury but has never fully recovered if he never got this injury reckon he would be a Rangers regular and a scotland international as well.

Kirk Broadfoot 87>88

I wrote off big Kirk at the start but boy has he proved me wrong this guy has so much energy and he is good at coming foward and good defensively he will move to cb once weir retires.

Steven Whittaker 87>87

Had a good start to his gers career and showed glimpses of class i.e his goal against sporting but doesnt show it enough for me.

David Weir 89>89

Solid.Such a good reader of the game gets the odd goal if only he was 10 years younger.

Christain Dailly 86>84

Was never going to get a look in this season thought he would be gone in january will definetly be in the summer.

Madjid Bougherra 86>88

Class been tht good id go as far as to say we dont miss cuellar he has all the same attributes solid in the tackle and good in the air and also his trademark runs a contender for player of the year.


Lee McCulloch 88>87

McCulloch can be a useful player because of his height and his physical attributes has been playing more of a defensive role lately.

DaMarcus Beasley 86>86

He is another who is inconsistent shows glimpses of class but doesnt produce enough of it.

Barry Ferguson 91>91

Fergie was rushed back too soon due to the thomson injury due to this he has struggled but is starting to get back to himself think he will keep his 91 this time.

Pedro Mendes 88>90

Immense the guys amazing he has so much class too good for the spl he has skill,craft and vision and lays in with the odd goal usually a belter as well :D

Kevin Thomson 88>88

Was playing brilliant before his injury could have been in with a shout for a 89 but out till next season.

Steven Davis 88>89/90

Brilliant this guy is tireless his workrate is second to none all over the park at peoples feet not giving them a minutes peace really similair to Stuart McCall usually what rangers creates has something to do with him.

Brahim Hemdani 89>88/87

Has just fell out the picture completely played most games last season but has found it difficult this season has already stated he will leave on a bosman at the end of the season

Maurice Edu 83>85

Edu has had it difficult probably the hardest part of the team to break into but when he has played you can see he is a good player tremendous athlete.

John Fleck 73>83/84

This wee guys been a breath of fresh air we gers fans have been waiting for years for him to emerge has everything and is only 17 supposedly signing a new deal but Man Utd,Tottenham and Arsenal are hovering.

Aaron Niguez 80>82

Aaron hasnt had much of a chance but when he has played he has shown his potential on his debut he set up two goals then in the last round of the cup scored his 1st goal for the club.


Nacho Novo 87>87

Nacho is a player a love bluenose through and through gives 110% everytime he pulls on tht jersey usually if theyres an important goal to be scored nacho will score it.

Steven Naismith 85>85

Naisy has twice been young player of the year in scotland tht was the form tht seen rangers pay tht money for him reckon he will come good.

Kenny Miller 86>88

TBH I didnt want this guy back but he has won me over what he does for the team is excellent his workrate is immense scored his 9th league goal last week andis the perfect foil for boydie.

Kyle Lafferty 84>87

Big Kyle is a player you can see tht Walter has been playing him left wing when he has came on but against celtic he played him upfront and he was immense will be a gers legend mark my words.

Kris Boyd 89>90

What more can u say 21 goals frome 23 starts this guy is a machine would score goals in any team cert 90 for me.

Andrius Velicka 86>84

Dont know why we bought this guy never really had a look in.

Young Talent

John Fleck

Go to every game and he has done nothing but impress me he has skill,vision and can pick a pass and also has pace.


Pedro Mendes

Ever since his move from portsmouth in the summer the guys been a revelation his passing,craft and vision has been a breath of fresh air we havent had this sort of player since de boer

tommorow ill move onto Celtic

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Re: McKinlays Forum

Glad to see a fellow bluenose on here. I think you have been looking through those blue tinted specs with some of the ratings below :D

Seriously, after seeing the Dutch ratings over the last few days, I am sure those leagues outwith the main leagues are being downgraded. Fully expect Scotland to be one of those leagues



Allan McGregor 89>90 (89>89 Back to his best but poor early season form makes an increase inlikely)

Neil Alexander 85>85 (85<84 Increase of 2 in Sept. Lack of games means he is likely to drop)

Greame Smith 82>80 (Agree but should be much lower. He is mince!!)


Sasa Papac 88>89 (88>88/89 I think he only has a 25% chance of an increase. Personally I think he is vastly overrated)

Steven Smith 84>82 (Agreed :( Such a shame to see injury curtail what could have been our best left back for years)

Kirk Broadfoot 87>88 (Agreed. Solely on stats. I don't think he is anywhere near an 88 rated player)

Steven Whittaker 87>87 (87 < 86/87. 50% chance of drop due to lack of games)

David Weir 89>89 (Agreed. A stalwart in Scotland's best defence)

Christain Dailly 86>84 (Agreed. His age and lack of games, may mean a greater fall)

Madjid Bougherra 86>88 (86 > 88 > 89. Absolutely outstanding recently. Will rise again after an increase to 88 this time)


Lee McCulloch 88>87 (Agreed)

DaMarcus Beasley 86>86 (Agreed)

Barry Ferguson 91>91 (91 < 89 His form will mean a certain drop in my opinion)

Pedro Mendes 88>90 (Agreed. Truely outstanding footballer. Hope the league being downgraded does not count against him)

Kevin Thomson 88>88 (Agreed but may drop when ratings come around again due to his long term injury)

Steven Davis 88>89/90 (Agreed. Fully deserves what Mendes achieves_

Brahim Hemdani 89>88/87 (89 < 86. Totally out of picture. No starts all season)

Maurice Edu 83>85 (83>83/84 A rise of 2 is very unlikely due to his lack of starts)

John Fleck 73>83/84 (73>81/82 Wonderful talent and future superstar but an increase of 10/11 is unlikely. Will exceed 90 in time - relax :D )

Aaron Niguez 80>82 (80 < 79 Huge potential but lack of starts may even mean a decrease)


Nacho Novo 87>87 (Agreed)

Steven Naismith 85>85 (85/84 Future riser but his long term injury may mean a further decrease to 84. Will rise again in future as he is an excellent talent)

Kenny Miller 86>88 (Agreed. I didn't want him back but apart from a run of 5 games around January, he has been excellent)

Kyle Lafferty 84>87 (84>85 He won't rise to 87. I think he has big potential but has yet to prove worth of a +3 rise

Kris Boyd 89>90 (89 >89/90 50% chance fo reaching 90

Andrius Velicka 86>84 (May drop even futher. Totally out of picture)

Young Talent

John Fleck

Go to every game and he has done nothing but impress me he has skill,vision and can pick a pass and also has pace.


Pedro Mendes

Ever since his move from portsmouth in the summer the guys been a revelation his passing,craft and vision has been a breath of fresh air we havent had this sort of player since de boer

tommorow ill move onto Celtic

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Re: McKinlays Forum

Hey, good post. However, I highly doubt you'll see many risers from any of the Scottish teams because the standard of the league is simply poor, in comparison with even the Dutch and Mexican leagues. They have slaughtered those two leagues in terms of ratings in the last few months and the SPL should follow really.

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Re: McKinlays Forum

Hey' date=' good post. However, I highly doubt you'll see many risers from any of the Scottish teams because the standard of the league is simply poor, in comparison with even the Dutch and Mexican leagues. [b']They have slaughtered those two leagues in terms of ratings in the last few months and the SPL should follow really.[/b]

They started slaughtering Scotland last time with only Ferguson and Boruc keeping their 91's and the very few 90's dropping so I think all we'll see this time is maybe players who are 84+ that may have got a +2 for example in previous times only get a +1 and any 88's/89's that may have got a rise previously stay.

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Re: McKinlays Forum



Artur Boruc 91>90/89

Was outstanding in recent season has had a lot of off field problems and has put on weight and has not showed the form he is capable of.

Mark Brown 85>85

Not really had a look in shud have had a chance but strachan hasnt got the guts to drop boruc.

Scott Fox 70>70

Young keeper been earmarked for a good future hasnt had a chance


Lee Naylor 87>86

This guy is poor defensively is a bit better coming foward and is capable of whipping in good balls could leave in the summer.

Milan Misun 80>82

Meant to be a really good player celtic beat milan to him so he must be good reckon next season he will start to break into the team.

Andreas Hinkel 89>89

This guy is a good player good defensively likes to get foward and put in crosses.

Mark Wilson 86>85

Had a promising start to his hoops career showed nowhere near tht form again and he is injured all the time.

Jean-Joel Perrier Doumbe 83>81

This guys just dissapeared played a lot in his first season was injured last season is back but has not had a look in.

Stephen Mcmanus 89>89

I dont know what other people reckon but i think he is a liability captain wobble as i call him i reckon if it werent for him being celtic captain it would be 88 for him.

Gary Caldwell 88>89

What a turnaround for this guy once a target for the celtic fans now he is one of theyre most consistent player bails mcmanus out a lot.

Glen Loovens 85>86

Think this guy will get a rise as he has played a lot of games in europe as well for celtic the guy is solid in the air but has his odd dodgy moments.

Darren O'Dea 84>82

When picked by strachan he does a job has found it really hard think he will leave celtic in the summer.

Bobo Balde 84>82

Hardly kicked a ball better than mcmanus but strachan doesnt like him so therefore he is happy to sit and take his 35,000 pounds a week and play in the reserves.

John Kennedy 84>82

Shame for this boy would have been a celtic regular maybe captain before his injury he has never fully recovered went on loan to norwich got injured theyre so they sent him back.


Shunsuke Nakamura 90>89

Goes missing too much never shows in important games unless theyres a free kick he is also the biggest diver in scotland :P

Koki Mizuno 85>86

Played a few games near the start played well and got a motm performance not been in the team recently dont know why.

Willo Flood 84>85

Wee ankle biter gets in about it will be a good player for celtic.

Scott Brown 89>90

Got to say this guys been brilliant has passing energy and passion all he needs to add to his game is goals if he does i see no reason why he cant get a 91.

Paul Hartley 88>88

Stay the same just sits back dictates play wins the ball gives it to brown.

Barry Robson 88>88

Can be an important player for celtic is injued just now had a groin operation which rules him out the cup final.

Massimo Donati 87>86/85

Was quoted earlier this week as saying he thinks strachan must think he is dead not really had a look in and will move on in the summer.

Marc Crosas 84>85

Reckon he will become a good player for celtic not really had a chance tbh has had some injury problems.

Aiden Mcgeady 90>89

Reckon he will drop showed nowhere near the form he did last year this has limited him to subsititute appeareances reckon he will drop 1

Niall McGinn 80>82

Reckon he might get a rise for moving to a bigger club but not had a look in.

Patrick McCourt 80>78

God knows why celtic bought this guy he was hailed as the best player from ireland the new george best why is he not starting then lol :D

Scott McDonald 89>89

Not showed anywhere near the form of last season reckon he will stay he has started to score again but.

Jan Venegoor of Hesselink 89>88

This guy is rotting telling you he does nothing made 18 appearences this season and scored 2 goals expect him to go in the summer.

Georgios Samaras 87>88

Reckon he will get this rise due to his early season form hasnt scored since january but.

Next i am going to give some details on the best of the rest from scotland :)

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Re: McKinlays Forum

You're Celtic ratings are good, although I am concerned that the commentary has been provided by Guidi, Spiers, Waddel or Peter Martin.

1) I know for a fact that Lawell dropped the Misun for Milan into a conversation with a well know Sun journalist. When he investigated it, he found it to be complete nonsense.

2) Andrew Hinkel is good defensively. Are you having a laugh? You're sounding more like wee Chesney as the post develops :D

3) Koko won't rise surely. 2 appearances doesn't warrant one.

4) I won't even comment on the traitor that is Scott Brown. I knew him as a kid and..............To say he should be the same rating as Mendes is ludicrous. 3 games this season, Mendes has played him off the park in all 3

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Re: McKinlays Forum

HAHA lol i know where ur coming from leek :D you cant say scott brown hasnt played well been celtics best player he deserves a rise so he has to go to a 90 as he is 89. Theyre is no doubting mendes is a far better player but mate but unfoutunetly its the way the sm ratings work.:P koki i think he will get a rise of 1 maybe 2 but i think he will he played 4 games came on for 15 mins against falkirk started against rangers and hearts and started aganst villarreal so i think he could get a rise mate.milan misun is difficult one i was reading something about him which said he was courted by milan and had a weeks trial at roma but celtic got him we will see thanks for the reply anyway mate.:D

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Re: McKinlays Forum

I'm not quite sure why Boruc should drop below McGregor.

As has been said, the Scottish teams have been poor in Europe this year, and as a result the ratings will probably show this. I doubt any played will rise to 90, and most of those above 90 will probably drop.

That said, for a first post these are very good predictions, compared to some posts I've seen lately... :)

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Re: McKinlays Forum

James McCarthur 80>84

Been a revelation in the spl one of the rising stars of the spl its reported he will join rangers in the summer :D

James McCarthy 80>84

Along the same lines as McCarthur will move on in the summer and some big clubs are keeping tabs like liverpool,Villarreal and Barcelona turned his back on scotland to represent ireland.

Tomas Cerny 78>81/82

Cerny is Hamiltons goalkeeper he went 8 consecutive games wthout conceding a goal which is some feat reported interest from Rangers.

Andy Dorman 83>85

Been a revelation for St.Mirren scores vital goals been reported both sides of the old firm are keeping tabs as well as bolton and stoke.

Billy Mehmet 83>85

8 league goals this season and is a big player for St.Mirren supposedly a lot of clubs in england are keeping tabs as well as celtic.

Andrew Driver 85>86/87

Good prospect been included in stuart pearces last 2 england u21 squads will move on in summer reported again both half of the old firm and everton as well as lokomotiv moscow are all keeping tabs.

Lee Miller 85>86/87

Miller has been in terrific form bagging 8 goals this season and is now involved in the scotland squad is too good a player for aberdeen will move on in the summer.

Francisco Sandaza 78>82

What a find this guys been has everything pace good in the air and can strike a ball.Levein plucked him from spain and he is now a cult hero with the united fans scoring 7 goals this season and scored against both rangers and celtic.

Steven Fletcher 87>87/88

Dont know if he will get a 88 this time around but he is a talent celtic failed in a deadline day bid for him reckon he will go to the premiership.

Next i will move into the english premiership with Aston Villa

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Re: McKinlays Forum

tbh, Fergie should go 91 -> 89, reason is, been 2 quite a few gers games this season. Ferguson seems to have been pushed off his mantle by Mendes. Not half as good as a few seasons ago. I also dont think lafferty will get a rise imo. Seems to be used as a sub, it's either 4-4-2 with miller 'n Boyd or 4-5-1 with Miller. I also think it's 2 big a rise for Fleck. Dont Believe the Hype Fleck for 79. ;)

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Re: McKinlays Forum



Brad Friedel 90>90/91

Been Immense for villa seems to get better the older he gets.

Brad Guzan 84>85/86

Had a few games this season just a small rise for him.

Stuart Taylor 83>81

Not had a look in really may move on in the summer.


Wilfried Bouma 89>88/87

Bad injury not featured at all has just returned to full training villa fans will be delighted to have him back.

Nicky Shorey 88>87

Big dissapointment was immense at reading where he was being touted for a call up to england has not shown the same form since his move to villa.

Luke Young 88>89

Has been a good signing for villa very consistent performer i think he deserves a rise.

Carlos Cuellar 90>90/89

This is a difficult one was immense for rangers and was instrumental on theyre run to the uefa cup final has found it hard at villa think theyres a slight chance of a drop.

Martin Laursen 90>91

Captain and a stalwart for villa think a +1 for me.

Zat Knight 87>87/88

O'Neil prefers Laursen and Davies so when he does play and he has played well he is just getting dropped for them but good player.

Curtis Davies 87>89

Now really starting to show the potential which he was touted with from a young age great player and athlete defo 89 for me.

Craig Gardner 87>87/88

Played a few games recently outside chance of a rise.


Gareth Barry 91>92

Back to his best for villa after a difficult start due to the whole liverpool scenario.

Stiliyan Petrov 89>90

Now showing the form tht convinced O'Neil to pay the money to celtic for him.

Nigel Reo-Coker 89>89/90

Brilliant player think he can play almost anywhere on the park reackon he could maybe sneak a rise.

Steve Sidwell 87>88

Had a difficult time at chelsea been saved from rotting by villa and has become an important player for them.

Ashley Young 90/91

Immense little player could go onto bigger and better things capable of playing for man utd or chelsea.

James Milner 88>89

Been in immense form of late reckon he will get a rise


Gabriel Agbonlahor 89>90

Been in good form as well goals have dried up a bit no doubt tht will change but.

Marlon Harewood 86/85

Not getting a look in at all will move on the summer.

Nathan Delfouneso 70>75

Had a few starts for villa in the cups and in the uefa cup will see a rise i think

John Carew 90>90/89

Has been injured most of the season could see a rating drop of 1

Emile Heskey 89>90

Reckon he will rise taking into account what he did with wigan and how hes played with villa

Next i will move onto Arsenal

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Re: McKinlays Forum



Manuel Almunia 91>91

Good keeper capable of the odd dodgy moment 91 is just right for him.

Lukasz Fabianski 85>86

Think he may get a slight rise when he has been called on he has been reliable.

Gael Clichy 92>93/94

Now this guy is immense what an engine up and down tht left side all day one of the best in his position.

Bakary Sagna 92>92/93

Dont know if he has done enough to warrant a rise to a 93 if he does he will just sneak it.

Kolo Toure 94>94

Has done enough to keep his rating i think he is now captain of arsenal due to fabregas injury.

William Gallas 93>93/94

He got a drop last time due to his drop in form i reckon he has bounced back think he has a chance of a +1

Mikeal Silvestre 87>88

Reckon he will rise by one due to amount of playing time.

Johan Djourou 87>88

Same as silvestre good defender his time will come.


Tomas Rosicky 91>90/89

What is happened to him will he ever recover no doubting the guys a great player but will drop inevitibly due to lack of playing time.

Emanuel Eboue 89/89

Dont see a rise for eboue he is a bit of a liability tbh as does his fans as they showed when they booed him but due to amount of playing time will keep his rating.

Cesc Fabregas 95>95/94

Was made arsenal captain this season and was in good form before injury he might drop as a result.

Denilson 88>89

Good player keeps things simple.

Abou Diaby 88>88

Good player will be a big player for arsenal in the future but 88 is about right for now.

Aaron Ramsey 84>86

Merits a rise due to the minutes he has played in the champions league and the cup great player with a big future.

Alexandre Song 86>86

Not done enough to merit a rise this time around may move out on loan next season if he is not given chance.

Andrei Arshavin 93>93

Great player and will go on to be exactly that for arsenal if he can show the form for arsenal that he has for russia and zenit he will be a 94 soon enough.

Samir Nasri 92>93

Great young player will become an arsenal great and will become an important player for france.


Theo Walcott 89>89

Will stay a 89 reckon he was in for a 90 if he never got injured reckon if he comes back and can regain tht form definetly next time around.

Carlos Vela 87>88

Now starting to break into the arsenal squad great young player such a good finisher.

Robin Van Persie 92>93

Been in great form deserves a rise hopefully keeps clear of injuries.

Eduardo Da Silva 89>88

Just back from injury think he will drop but if he gets back to the eduardo we know he will regain it soon enough.

Emanuel Adebayor 93>93

Not hit the heights of last season still been an important player but will keep his rating.

Niklas Bedtner 88>88/89

Think he has an outside chance of a rise has scored a few important goals for arsenal of late.

Next i will be doing Chelsea

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Re: McKinlays Forum



Petr Cech 95>95/94

One of the best keeper in the world no doubt but hasnt been looking himself lately hopefully see him back to his best soon.

Henrique Hilario 84>82

Not featured at all will drop.


Ashley Cole 93>94

Has his critics but for me a tremendous player great engine gets up and down the flank joins in a lot of attacks.

Jose Bosingwa 93>94

Great player so quick gets foward has a good shot on him only alves is better at right back.

Juliano Belletti 89>89

Good player to have can play almost anywhere will keep his rating i think.

Paulo Ferriera 89>88

Not had a look in at all reckon this could be his last season at the bridge.

Branislav Ivanovic 88>88/89

Has an outside chance of a rise looks a good player.

John Terry 95>95

Hitting top form again reckon if he keeps it up for the next rating change after this one has chance of a 96.

Ricardo Carvalho 94>93

Been injured most of the season good player but will drop.

Rodrigo Alex 92>92

Been deputising for carvalho will keep his rating.

Michael Mancienne 83>86

Good prospect. call up for england reminds me of a young rio ferdinand will become a regular for chelsea and england in the future.


Florent Malouda 91>91/90

Will do well to keep his rating for me his time is up at chelsea will move at the end of the season.

Michael Essien 95>94

Will drop due to injury great player hopefully back soon.

Frank Lampard 95>96

Been in great form what a player will get his rise.

Michael Ballack 93>93/92

Reckon he will drop he just doesnt look intereted for me.

John Obi Mikel 91>92

Will rise brilliant young player will be a big player for chelsea.

Miroslav Stoch 75>78

Will get a small rise due to game time he has recieved.

Ricardo Quaresma 93>92

Think he will drop due to poor performances at inter.

Carlos Miniero 90>88

Why did chelsea sign this guy.

Anderson Deco 93>93/92

Was brilliant at the start of the season god knows whats happened to him.

Joe Cole 93>93/92

Injured might decrease due to this.


Salomon Kalou 92>92

Has his critics i dont see what he does wrong still young must do something right to get in the team.

Franco Di Santo 85>86

Just a small rise due to playing time he has had.

Didier Drogba 96>95/94

Came back from injury didnt look interested dont think he wanted to play for scolari played better in recent wee drop still.

Next team i will do will be Everton tommorow.

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