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Dean Windass refuses to play for Oldham again!

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According to the Sky Sports website, Dean Windass has refused to play for Oldham again due to him being on the bench for yesterdays game against Leeds and only coming on in the 89th minute.

On-loan striker Dean Windass has told Oldham he will not play for the club again after being left out of the side to face Leeds.

The 39-year-old striker joined the Latics from Hull City in January and he is due to stay at Boundary Park for the rest of the season.

However, he was left frustrated on Monday night as he was named on the substitutes' bench for the clash with Leeds and only came on in the 89th minute.

He admits he was hurt by the snub and has asked for an explanation.

Writing on his blog on ITV.com, Windass said: "I was stuck on the bench which was embarrassing and insulting. That's not what I need at this stage of my career.

"The manager's not said anything to me since Saturday so I'm at a total loss to understand what's happened. This is not what I signed up for.

"I turned down three Championship clubs to sign for Oldham but now I've been let down. What's the point of sitting on the bench for a League One club?

"I've told the chairman I'm not returning to the club and I'm waiting for his response

I'm not an Oldham fan but I am a bit surprised about this and I think Windass was wrong to do this.

He was left on the bench once and he is refusing to play. How immature. Maybe he wasnt playing that well, did he not think of that? Maybe they didnt think he had the nessecary fitness to start that game.

I think this is very silly. I wouldnt play Windass again for comments like that. He gets left on the bench once and decides he isnt playing for them again. He is 39, can he expect to be playing every game from the start?

He says that it was "insulting" and "embarrasing" to be sitting on the bench for a League One club, I think this was disrespectful to League One and Oldham. I get the impression from this article that he thinks he is bigger than Oldham and better than the other players and therefore should be playing every game. In my view, one player isnt bigger than the club and if he isnt playing that well then whats wrong with putting him on the bench?

I'm not an Oldham fan, but, Dean Windass, those comments are a disgrace in my view.

What do you think about his comments? Was he right to refuse to play for them again?

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