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Cattermole Red Card

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Alright guys, was just curious to hear any opinions on Lee Cattermole's red card for wigan in the 1-0 defeat to west ham on 04/03/09?

Personally, this is the worst tackle I have ever seen. In my opinion it is worse than Roy Keane's tackle on Alf Inge Haaland as it was more obvious due to the match's previous going's on between Cattermole and Parker, as well as Cattermole and Lucas Neill. If you havent seen it then i recommend you check it out, its Brutal!

Anyways, I would just like to know how everyone else feels about the tackle, and if anyone can remember any worse or equally bad tackles?

Cheers :D

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Re: Cattermole Red Card

I thought that challenge was awful and he deserved to get sent off.

The game itself seemed rather dirty, two sendings off, some more yellows, a couple of bad challenges and maybe could have had more red cards.

However, Parker should possibly have been sent off before that happened, so maybe it would have been avoided.

Still, awful challenge I thought.

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Re: Cattermole Red Card

I think that is the tackle we are talking about, but you seem to have a very leniant view on the matter. I

really hope you are not trying to stick up for Cattermole? It may have been wet but he JUMPED with both legs into the back of parker's knee.

The wet surface can be an excuse fro a late sliding tackle but it cannot be used to mask an obvious assault on another player!

When you look at it, this is a tackle that was deliberate and that could have ended Parker's career, that is how bad it was.

Also the fact that afterward Cattermole looked composed and did not appeal suggests it was pre-meditated and he considered the consequences before acting.

In my opinion he deserves more like an 8 game ban than the 3 he will get.

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Re: Cattermole Red Card

Not the worst tackle ever i've seen much worse' date=' what about when Pedro Mendes was knocked unconcious, what about when Belhadj blatenly kicked out, Cattermole was commited had his eye on the ball plus i think Lucas Neills moments before that was worse as he went straight for the leg.[/quote']

Fair point in the Mendes one! That was shocking! But im not counting kicking out or punching (or Zidane's Streetfighting moves) because all of those incedents are worse and not really tackles.

I agree Niell's tackle was bad but for me it was the pure malice of Cattermole that I found Shocking.

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