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Argentinian Analysis


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Re: Argentinian Analysis

Galindez was going to rise but seeing as Central have now been relegated and SM didn't seem to bother reviewing Primera B last time around (they might never do' date=' to be fair), then I can't see him rising. I remember last time that one Primera B player rose but I think this was because somebody sent a ticket after the changes had been done (Toranzo, I think it was). That might be your best bet, although if you have patience, I'd imagine that Central would sell Broun on this summer (there has been interest in varying places) and give Galindez the number one jersey for the next season and beyond. I would imagine that Central's stay in the second tier will be the very briefest of stays, so he'll be worth holding on to for the 2011/12 season, although that is a long way away, especially in SM terms.

As for other risers, there are a few good ones out there like Rodrigo Erramuspe, Fernando Meza, Roberto Pereyra, Rogelio Funes Mori and Maximiliano Caire (off the top of my head). I'll be doing a full round-up closer to the time of the changes.[/quote']

cheers thanks alot m8. repped

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Re: Argentinian Analysis

Could someone help me with this players' date=' if his better keep or sell, and how were they playing...

Leonel Galeano - [b']must keep.[/b]

BERTOGLIO, Facundo - must keep.

GONZALEZ, Sebastián Emanuel - must keep - this could be his breakout season.

Formica, Mauro - debatable. Maybe sell if you can get a good deal.

best regards,


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Re: Respuesta: Argentinian Analysis

any chance of giving a break down of Atlético Tucumán just taken them over and dont have a clue bout them' date=' would like to know who to keep and sell?[/quote']

I wouldn't particularly worry about keeping many of them to be honest mate. They've just got relegated and the majority of the side are rather poor, at least in comparison to the talent out there in all likelihood. Depending on whether or not you have a brand new Tucuman or an older one, Juan Pablo Pereyra might be the one man to keep if you have him, seeing as he has recently signed for Estudiantes.

GONZALEZ' date=' Sebastián Emanuel

Potential for a good rise in the next rating or one after? I don't need more youth potential, just good risers to profit on and this kid even though a free agent in my setup is 900k+[/quote']

He won't get much of a rise next time, unless SM take ages to come back to Argentina. I'm hopeful of seeing him a lot more this season, which could mean a tasty rise in the changes after next.

Could someone help me with this players?

IBERBIA' date=' Raúl

ROJO, Marcos


GAITAN, Cristian


SALGUEIRO, Juan Manuel

NUNEZ, Maximiliano

Thanks :)[/quote']

I'd keep all apart from Galeana and Salgueiro, although the latter has a handy rating. If you can trade Salgueiro for a better striker, I'd do it. Of the rest, Nunez will get the best rise next time (80>84), while the other three are worth keeping longer-term, particularly the two CB's. Maybe flog Iberbia for a good price if you need some cash.

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Re: Argentinian Analysis

Hi Andy or any other Argentine watchers!

Just want a lil info on Jonathan Bottinelli of San Lorenzo if possible.

The guy has a 88 rating on SM so musn't be too bad' date=' do you see him keeping that long term?

Any chance of a rise in the future?

Any help Much Appreciated:)[/quote']

San Lorenzo had a disappointing Clausura and won't be involved in any continental action next season, barring a storming Apertura (I can't see it, personally). With that in mind, I can see a drop to 87 for Bottinelli.

Is Patricio Rodriguez still classed as the prodigy he once was ?

Cheers boyos

Nah, sell him for chairman value in all your set-ups....that I'm in.... :P

In all seriousness, I've been disappointed by his progress lately. Inde are blooding him in slowly, that's for sure, but I feel that this is almost a make-or-break campaign for him. Bit harsh saying that when he's only 20, but when I look at the progress made by guys like Bertoglio in the last year, I feel he's dropping short (although it's easier to break into the Colon side, to be fair).

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Re: Argentinian Analysis

Just want to know if MATHEU' date=' Carlos and SÁNCHEZ, Matías Ariel can maintain their ratings, go up or will they go down?

Thank you :)[/quote']

Matheu was injured for the whole Clausura. If SM are consistent, he'll stay until he returns. Sanchez will probably stay, just. He was a peripheral figure in the Clausura. I'm sure you asked me about him recently?

Hello Andy' date=' can you give me any insight on how Sergio Araujo is developing?

Also will Insaurralde be a guaranteed starter for Boca?[/quote']

Firstly, no, I can't. I've never seen him play. He has one substitute's appearance to his name.

Secondly, yes.

Aside: As much as I get along with Tom and as much as I'm sure he doesn't care that his thread gets abused by my trolling, but I do have my own thread that these questions can be answered in.... :o

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Re: Argentinian Analysis

how much is alejandro camargo and leandro diaz going to rise to?

It's too soon for predictions to be honest' date=' especially as we have no idea when the changes will be. That said, as of now, I see Camargo getting a very minimal rise (maybe 77) and Diaz hitting the 80 region.

Any idea what will happen to riquelme's rating at the next rating changes?

He'll drop for sure, and I can see him going all the way down to 89.

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