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Champions League Draw Predictions

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Re: Champions League Draw Predictions

Think you can predict the outcome of the draws?


Out of these 8 teams ,

Barca/LFC/ Chelsea/M.Utd./Bayern Munich /Porto /Villareal and Arsenal,

There will be 4 matches to be played where any two are drawn against each other ,with two games against each other to be played home and away ,after the second leg if not decided by goals

( away goals counting double ) in open play ( after extra time etc ) then it will get decided on penalties by whom scores the most .

These 4 winners will be my prediction on the outcome of the draws to whom goes through to the next round .;):)

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Re: Champions League Draw Predictions

Man Utd v Liverpool

Chelsea v Arsenal

Barca v Bayern Munich

Porto v Villareal.

So they know which balls have the English teams in the 4 balls concerned will have been kept in a freezer for 2 hrs ,so while looking the same to the naked eye when picking them out of pot will know the difference because ours will be very cold,so i will proberly be right on a two english tie but not the right clubs .:eek:;):)

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Guest Football8

Re: Champions League Draw Predictions


Manchester United vs Bayern Munchen

Chelsea vs Arsenal

FC Porto vs Barcelona

Liverpool vs Villarreal


Manchester United vs Chelsea

Liverpool vs Barcelona


Liverpool vs Manchester United

Winner: Liverpool 6-5 on Pens.

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