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Ukranian Premier League Information Thread

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Re: Ukranian Premier League Information Thread

Vitaliy MANDZYUK of Arsenal Kyiv will not rise? I am not sure' date=' but i think he played in the last 2 games of Ukraine.


I think he deserves a rise to 85 at least. As you say he's started 2 WC Qualification games for Ukraine and also 3 friendly games. He was also a regular at Arsenal last season and has now returned to Dynamo Kiev so I expect rises in the future as well.

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Scouters I did all the research found all the stats and i gave them to Radebe here to do predictions to give the forum accurate and precise info. The information has been gotten by a site i found th

Re: Ukranian premier league information thread GK - Vitaliy Reva - 83 - Age 34 - 83>83/84 He has 19 appearances and 19 goals let in along with 1 penalty let in so thats just over a goal let in

Re: Ukranian Premier League Information Thread Sweet! Might have to use a few of these somewhere.

Re: Ukranian Premier League Information Thread

Sorry for the newbie questions, but I have two if you don't mind:

1. The Shakhtar ratings look pretty disappointing to me. Only 3 risers, Chynrynksy up 1 to 90 as expected, Jadson up 1 to 89 (thought he deserved 90 personally after his CL and UEFA performances), and Willian got an epxected rise up 2 to 88. Can anyone confirm if there is a liklihood that Shakhtar as a club have now had their ratings increase and the likes of Srna, Fernandinho, Kucher and Adriano will not be getting an increase?

2. Having just registered for this forum, this thread is now upside down for me! So the recent posts are on page 1 at the top of the page, as opposed to being on the last page....is this normal? lol



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Re: Ukranian Premier League Information Thread

Happy that Willians got his +2. Have him in quite a few teams.

Bit dissapointed too that Srna didnt go up. Maybe he needs to leave Ukraine to get the rise.

What are peoples thoughts of Aliyev? I did have him in most teams but sold him after the last ratings. Now that hes rated 89, could he rise anymore in future?

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