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Its great for the neutral!!!!

Dave Leigh

Its great for the neutral!!!!  

  1. 1.

    • Yes...coz I hate 'em!
    • No...coz I love 'em!
    • Yes...coz the title race is now interesting!
    • Yes...coz I am a Chelski Blue and we will win it!

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I am soooo glad that United dropped points...not because I have any dislike for united (my two brothers and my dad are Reds fans)...I drew the shortest straw being a Bolton fan! LOL!

Yep...Bolton will never win The Premiership the best we can hope for is beating one of the big four...(which we have done a few times in recent seasons).

A good cup run and getting into The UEFA cup now and again...oh and signing the odd magical player now and again like Jay Jay Okocha!

But I am digressing...

I am pleased that united have dropped points and Liverpool are breathing down their necks as it makes the race for the title very interesting.

If United had beaten Liverpool at Old Trafford and Fulham away (two results that were very probable!)...the title race would have been pretty much over.

It would be nice for Liverpool to win it this time as someone elses name besides Man U, Chelsea and Arsenal would be on the trophy.

Whoever wins I hope this goes to the wire and is decided on the final day of the season...hopefully Chelsea can get into the mix before then as well!

Same goes for the relegation battle (as long as Bolton are not involved LOL!)

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Re: Its great for the neutral!!!!

i dont like manchester united,

the reason is because:

1 they win nearly everything

2 kids are becoming glory supporters

3 people arent coming too there local teams games which is really annoying for local community and supporters.

I hope liverpool win it for a change not because i like them

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