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The Official NFL Thread.

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After seaching the forum, I only found one thread dedicated to the most watched sport in America and, come Super Bowl weekend, the whole world. That sport is American Football. With all due respect to

Re: The NEW Official NFL Thread.

Re: The NEW Official NFL Thread. As a Broncos fan I have to say how brilliant the Seahawks defense was last night. Also the Seahawks Offense did what it had to do so well. If it was the same 2 tea

Re: The NEW Official NFL Thread.

Damn... So close. 2 interceptions on Flacco despite him being terrific once again Brady was just as good. Great game though and just getting this far is good enough for me. Really proud of my Ravens

Yes I am happy with the season considering all of the controversy early on. Positives for next season; CJ Mosley' date=' Brandon Williams & John Urschel. When are DB's are fully healthy that will be a scary unit as well, keeping Will Hill is important so is the return of Jimmy Smith. Would be tempted to dump Webb to save cap if its possible.

Just remember the haters haha

Ravens are a good team, the line up is solid just no superstar names. Last season was a Super Bowl hangover. Ravens finish 9-7
I'm pretty certain they don't have a winning record this season.
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