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The Basis of Fighting

The Basis of Fighting In the world of warcraft, fight in the battle asks the players for the use of skills, magic and capacity with other players and computer controlled opponents to conduct real-time combat. Following is a number of based mechanisms based on the World of Warcraft combat system. Here are some steps of the basis of fighting. The scope of attacks. In targeting the enemy, players must be within the scope of attack to fight. If not, in this context, the choice of targets close attacks, the screen will pop up error message. Near the war occupation, automatic attack only on the target side may take effect, and most recent warfare capabilities (such as the passage of video, heroic combat and strike the shield) is the largest offensive of the five yards. Only some special abilities (such as blindness and blocking) can be used in five yards outside. And the long-range attacks, such as guns and crossbows, its standard range is 8-30 yards. Hunters may use long-range weapons in 35 yards outside attack,natural part of the scope of attack even farther. The magic, the magic in the notes have marked its largest offensive scope. Life values. A representative of the value of life in combat roles can bear the number of injuries. The upper left corner of the screen role of the head on the edge of the Red directly reflects the value of life. In addition, the role of the mouse or the life of the move on, it will show the specific numerical life. Rating upgrade, through talent, ability, magic or equipment increased the most stamina will increase the value of life. (1:00 endurance = 10:00 life) Usually, in the battle for treatment magic, use the lives of agents or bandages can restore the value of life. After the end of the fighting, the use of food can accelerate the pace of life resume, or you can just wait for your lives back. In some cases, such as increases in the magic of a garage, it also in the battle back to life values.Non-combat magic or some capacity Some capabilities and majic cann't used in combat. If the players used them, the screen will pop up error message that this action can not be used in combat. For example, soldiers in combat can not be used in the assault, and all are not in combat roles in the use of food and water As for some abilities and some magic, the role for which the enemy's position is very important. Some skills will require special role in the positive or the back of the enemy. The ambushes and creeping back thorn skills is a typical example of these two skills required creeping in behind the enemy. If it's not in the right position,wow gold using the skills of players will receive a warning message.

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