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The Leyton Orient Challenge


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Re: The Leyton Orient Challenge

January 11

When the new european season started there were lots of available players but right now numbers have dropped considerably. Many managers have searched the different leagues and many good prospects have been sold. Even the winter transfer market seems subdued this year but i still found a few whom i liked:

Oleksey KURILOV was with Leyton Orient some months back. He is a regular at Zoria and i think he may move to a bigger club soon. He still is 21 and rated 78.

David ZURUTUZA plays for spanish 2nd division leaders Real Sociedad. He is not quite a regular but at a rating of 78 he should gain nicely. He is 23 years old and a CM.

Frank DEYVID SACCONI is a 22 year old AM who plays for Palmeiras. He got a lot of playing time in a very good team and will hopefully play a lot in the new season. He is rated 79.

Jefferson MONTERO joins from Villareal B. He is a 20 year old AM and is rated 77. Not a regular either but he gets enough time to warrant a nice rise.

And last i hired Luiz Paolo Hilario DODO who is a 22 year old and 76-rated striker. He was just bought by Dinamo Zagreb and is supposed to be the replacement for Mario MANDZUKIC who will probably move on to bigger things soon.

All of these players joined for a combined sum of less than 6 million. UCKULAK was traded in. Because i sold DAS NEVES for 1.9 million is still have over 2 million left. I will probably try to keep a little money to have a chance to snap up some young players from Portugal, Spain or Italy but in the next few weeks my transfer activity will not be very intense. I feel that my squad has excellent quality and now i just need the ratings to catch up with my trading.

My team's total asset value is at almost 165 million and i have 135 own players on contract.

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Re: The Leyton Orient Challenge

January 14

My Leyton Orient won 2:1 at Darlington and is in first now. Oldham lost at home and is 2 points behind in 3rd now and Millwall is in 2nd with the same amount of points as my team but with a worse goal difference. Luton is 2 and Huddersfield 3 point behind the top.

I believe that this exceptional performance is largely due to my 88-rated GK. I have a defense that is average at best and only conceded 22 goals in 18 games.

As you probably know the portugese ratings have started and FREDY is the first of my players to get a change with a +6 to 80. I am not sure if i should keep him.

In the transfer market i often watched that when new managers came in bids were made for their young talent and many of these bids were accepted. A number of inxperienced managers thought that they would be able to get good players for cash and sold their best assets. So far i hadn't done this type of trading but when Sao Paulo got a new manager and other managers got good players for little money i made bids for two players myself:

Pavel YAKOVLEV is 18 years old, rated 75 and gets a lot of playing time for Spartak Moskva. He arrives from Sao Paulo for just 1 million.

Roberto JUAREZ is a 22-year old mexican DEF who is rated 75 and is on loan to Puebla from Cruz Azul. He played the entire season for Puebla and was available at just 400k from Sao Paulo.

I feel a bit dirty doing these deals but this is common practise.

I accepted a bid for MAROH who didn't do very well in Germany lately.

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Re: The Leyton Orient Challenge

January 15

A lot of my portugese players got their rating change:

CINTRA +2 to 79

GOMIS +4 to 80



VINICIUS +4 to 81

BRUNO MIGUEL may get a few games for my team but i will probably sell all except for CINTRA and GOMIS.

The new concerns implementation is bothering me. If you read this thread regularly you probably noticed that i buy players either on long term potential or on short term potential. The short term guys are usually moneymakers, may even get a few games but will leave again. The long term players are usually young players who need more time but may eventually get a higher rating. These cost wages, stay with the club for a long time and will not keep me going financially.

Now the concerns (that were not supposed to affect players 21 and under) do affect my long-term players most of whom are 21 and younger. That means that i will have to reduce my squad size by about 40 players. Because the concerns effect the very young players that i cannot afford to lose for me the new rules are effectively a hard cap of 100 players.

Now who do i cut lose? Right now i have about 10 quality players (high rating, high potential), 80 long-term prospects (low rating, high potential) and 50 money-makers (medium-high rating, not enough potential).

Now making money is getting harder. The problem is chairman value. So far many of my moneymakers were among the best players in my team and could be sold to neutral teams for a lot of cash. Now as the number of quality players rises, the moneymakers chairman value will fall. I will make a lot less money on average. With rising wages (already over 1 million a game) i will need a *lot* of moneymakers to keep me going.

My group of quality players will eventually grow to about 25 players and that leaves exactly 75 spots for long- and short term players. If i need about 50 money-makers in the long term that only leaves about 25 spots for long-time youth development and would force me to cut most of my youth team. That is exactly what SM promised not to do, as they said that they would protect youth development.

Right now i feel that the player-concerns changes do not work for my team at all. But I will try to cut my youth team by half in the coming weeks and see if i can somehow make it work.

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Re: The Leyton Orient Challenge

January 17

Leyton Orient drew 1:1 against Crystal Palace and drops back into 2nd place behind Oldham Athletic. Millwall lost at home to Huddersfield. Both teams are now one point behind mine in 3rd and 4th.

Half the season is over and my Leyton Orient is where i had hoped in would be: on course for promotion. But it is still very close at the top. My team by now gets an average of 85 for every game but i may need to get 86. Once Italy or Spain get rated 86 should be possible.

Portugals ratings have finished for me with

EDGAR getting +2 to 85

loan GK dos Reis EDUARDO +1 to 89

I completed two more transfers:

28 year old Herrera MANU lately became the starting GK for Levante and joined for 550k at a rating of 76.

Edgar ALVAREZ is a 29-year old RM for Bari. He was available from an unmanaged team and i got good trade-in value for Xavier TOMAS plus 750k. He is rated 84 and can help my team right away. He will probably get a +1 increase but if i am lucky perhaps even a +2. ALVAREZ is a member of the national side of Honduras and will probably play in the World Cup.

Reducing my squad number will not be easy. For many of my players Chairman value is very low and i need to do trade-in deals. Thats means i have to do at least 40 deals to cut the number by 40 and if i don't buy anyone for cash. I hope that players don't leave before i can do that.

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Re: The Leyton Orient Challenge

January 21

A 2:1 away win at Peterborough was enough to get my team back into first place. Oldham only got a draw at Crystal Palace and is in 2nd place now. Leyton Orient is at 38 points and no. 6 Huddersfield at 35. It is that close at the top but my team is doing well and should get better soon.

The spanish ratings have started and my player PEPE DIAZ got a +8 to 82 which is great. ALBERTO only got a +3 to 77 but every bit of value i gain is important. On away games like yesterday i lose 850k and home games drain half a million from my team.

I aquired two new players:

Anes HAURDIC who i wanted to buy some months back became available because he had been sold to an external club and i got him in a straight swap for VINICIUS. He is a regular for Jablonec and there are rumors that he is being watched by bigger clubs.

17-year old Quindio player Carlos ROBLES became available for 10k and i bought him because he is a colombian youth international.

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Re: The Leyton Orient Challenge

Tremendous effort this pal, I'm thoroughly impressed. Haven't read all of it, but I might come back to it to read the whole story because it's a great read. Well done with your fantastic gamble on Gabbarinni all those months ago. I can tell you that he's played very well for Inde during the Apertura and is set to keep the number one jersey for the Clausura as well, so you'll have an 85ish rated GK in two ratings time. Good, eh?!

Good luck for the rest of the season. :)

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Re: The Leyton Orient Challenge

January 22

Thanks. I got a few big gains with GKs, N'DY ASSEMBE was huge too. Hopefully one of the ones i have now can take over for my team in the long run.

Today was special for me. It was probably the day with the most value gained for my team since i started this. The spanish Segunda Division was finished and i got 11 ratings in one day:

MANU +3 to 79

DANI CARRIL +5 to 81

CENDROS +7 to 81

ORIOL +6 to 81

KIKO +7 to 82

GULLON +7 to 82

MONTERO +5 to 82

RODRI +4 to 78

RUBEN +5 to 82

TOCHE +3 to 83

GRIEZMANN +9 to 83

I am quite happy with that. GRIEZMANN may even get playing time. And my asset value jumped to 205 million!

My team has three home games in a row now, first is Preston North End, then Barnsley in the English Cup and next Wednesday its Plymouth Argyle.

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Re: The Leyton Orient Challenge

January 24

Leyton Orient won 2:1 again and stays in first! But behind my team things changed a lot. The teams in 2, 3 and 4 lost and Gillingham and Huddersfield Town in 4 in 5 won and are the new no. 2 and 3. Surprise team Gillingham even won 6 in a row. For me things almost look comfortable but its still a long season.

More of my spanish playes were rated:


CALVO +2 to 84


SICILIA +2 to 85


OMAR +2 to 78

ARANA +1 to 84

I am a little disappointed with the +1 for ARANA and my player ZURUTUZA did not get a change at all from 78 despite playing 600 minutes and scoring 3 goals.

CALVO was sold immediately because i needed cash. I should have done that months ago but i thought the schedule would be faster. I am not sure who to get. I have a few decent players on my list but my team is now very weak at CM after ARANA got a positional change to RM and and its difficult to find good CMs. CM is definetely the weakest position in my team and i will need to fix it. The problem is that CARLOS SANCHEZ is my playmaker and i want to keep playing a flat 4-4-2 for now because it works so well. RICARDO LEON who is a DM/CM is the only player who can play in the 2nd spot and i need at least one backup.

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Re: The Leyton Orient Challenge

January 27

Thanks for your support but please don't post in this thread. If you want to tell me something or ask a question just send me a pm please.

Leyton Orient is on a roll. On monday Barnsley was dispatched in the English Cup and today my team beat Plymouth Argyle. Gillingham and Huddersfield won as well and stay in 2nd and 3rd. Huddersfield is my team's next opponent on saturday. Oldham and Millwall lost again and may be out of the race for promotion soon unless they turn things around quickly.

I have looked through my transfer list and there are still several hundred good players available. I would like to do a huge number of deals but since i need to reduce my squad numbers i will pass on some risers. I have been able to sell some of my 85-rated regulars for about 7-8 million this season and i may focus on players like that who can help me a few weeks and then leave again.

One of these players is Bruno EDGAR who will leave for Boca Juniors tomorrow who have bid 8 million. For that kind of cash i can get a good replacement and still have a lot of money left.

Three new players have arrived in the past few days:

Carlos Alberto VALENCIA joins from Rubin Kazan. The 20-year old colombian LB/RB was just transferred to Russia and i don't know yet if he will get playing time at his new club. At 550k for a 75 rating this is a small gamble.

Hernan GRANA became available from an unmanaged club. The 24-year old RB is a regular at Lanus and cost me just under 1.5 million at a rating of 80.

Yevheniy CHEBERYACHKO is 26 years old and a regular for Dnipro. The club is 4th in Ukraine and at a rating of just 81 the player should be a big riser.

My last player from Spain was rated. Alberto LORA got a +7 to 85 and immediately takes over as my regular RB. I plan to keep him. My team is good enough now to get an 86 average when all my regulars are available.

My one weak area is CM and i haven't been able to find a good player. I may have to change my team formation.

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Re: The Leyton Orient Challenge

January 31

Did i ever say that this season would be difficult? It seems i was completely wrong. My team keeps winning and crushed no. 3 Huddersfield Town 4:1 away. Only Gillingham can keep up having won 8 straight league games.

Huddersfield who are still in 3rd are already six points behind. There are still 15 games this season but my team has gotten much stronger lately and may already be the strongest team in the league. With Russia and Ukraine coming up soon promotion seems almost certain.

Some of my players were rated this week:

ALVAREZ got a +1 to 85 and MORERO a +1 to 86. I had hoped for a +2 for ALVAREZ but its no big deal.

I was going to reduce my squad and was able to sell ARANA and KIROV, trade PEPE DIAZ, PATRAS and GUL and but some opportunities came up and i added more players:

Matias MIRABAJE is a 20 year old AM for Racing Club de Montevideo. He scored in the Copa Libertadores this week and cost me 1.5 million at a rating of 78.

Mitchel DONALD is another 20-year old AM and i just bought him because he is at Ajax and is a dutch youth international. Cost was 950k at a 77 rating.

Mladen BARTULOVIC is a 23-year old croatian LM/AM who did very well for Kryvbas in Ukraine and just moved to Dnipro. He is rated 84 and already played for my team today. I think he will get an 85 soon and may have a good career. I paid about 4 million.

As the mexican league started i found Alejandro PALACIOS. He is a 28-year old GK and sems to have taken over at UNAM. he just has a rating of 75 and cost 325k.

Daniel BENITEZ is a 22-year old CB who plays for Deportivo Tachira. I added him because he played in the Libertadores last week. Age 22, rating 74 and 200k.

Eastern Europe still has tons of available risers and i aquired two of them. 23-year old CM Alexandre VOLODKO is a BATE regular and played all Euro League games. He cost 3.4 million at a 83 rating. I hope he will get 85. Finally i have a good prospect at CM again.

CB Oleksandr VOLOVYK has a similar name but is 24 years old, ukrainian and comes from Metalurh Donetsk. He is a regular CB/LB and just rated 80. Cost was 2.2 million.

As you can see my squad number did not decrease yet. I would like to sell many more players but about 2/3 of my squad is transfer banned.

With this season being much easier than expected it is time to think about division 2 soon. You can imagine that i don't want to stay in it longer than i have to. I took a first look at the teams and i will need at least an 86 average to gain promotion. 87 would be nice but i don't think i can get there in time. But my next step will be to look at upgrades for many positions. I will probably buy some older players until my young talents can catch up with their ratings.

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Re: The Leyton Orient Challenge

A look ahead

The next season will start in two months. My team is in first right now, i have probably the strongest squad in the league and i fully expect to gain promotion now.

Two months until the next difficult challenge awaits. What do i have to expect? The second divison has some very strong teams. Some good ones will come down from divison one. Take Brighton and Hove Albion for example who are 2nd to last in division 1. They have 1x 90, 1x 88, 5x 87 and 9x 86. And that doesn't include loan players. Bolton who are last in div 1 have 4x 88, 7x 87 and so on. Coventry who are 3rd in division 2 have 2x 89, 1x 88, 1x 87 and 8x 86. More division 2 teams like Sheffield United, Sheffield Wednesday and Wigan have 89s, 88s and lots of 87s and 86s.

What do i have?

Leyton Orient has MORERO who has an 86. I have a bunch of 85s and with MKHITARYAN and LEANDRO i have two players with an outside chance to get 86 with the next ratings change. Thats it. Sure, i have a bunch of talent and some regulars in major european leagues but rating adjustments are slow. When the next season starts the ratings schedule will probably just about start with the american leagues.

I am not doing this challenge to waste one season in the second division. Sure, right now promotion in that league seems hopeless but then again i have to try it. I can get 3 players on loan again after all, and i have many players who in the next two months will lose their transfer bans. My team assets are already higher than any squad in division two. Only Manchester United in division one still has a higher asset value than i do and i will overtake them soon. I think i can still generate up to 50 million cash before the next season.

As this season is much less exciting than expected my only focus will be on division 2 now. Don't count me out yet. The challenge is on.

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Re: The Leyton Orient Challenge

Febuary 4

Leyton Orient lost a game and its probably my own fault. My team played against lowly Lincoln City and i forgot to adjust my substitutions after the last game. My team was 1:0 in the lead and then had to conceed 3 late goals after the substitutions were made. One or two players probably played out of position. It may have been a random result though. Gillingham won their 9th in a row and is now in first. Leyton Orient is 1 point behind.

Some ratings from Italy's second division:

SURRACO +2 to 82

DE MAIO +8 to 80

DA COSTA +4 to 82

PORTIN +6 to 82

DEL PRETE +6 to 80

ANTENUCCI +7 to 83

I don't really know what to do with these players. Most of them are young and some may have a good career but i can't really tell who is ready to move to a better league soon. I may have to sell them all.

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Re: The Leyton Orient Challenge

Febuary 10

Time for an update. My team played twice: My main team got a draw in the league at Southend last weekend and my backups got a win at home against Bristol City in the English Cup. Gillingham lost a league game and my team is back in first now on goal difference. I will play Bristol again today at home in the league. Since they have a lot of fatigued players i expect a win from my regulars.

KIROV, DA COSTA and DE MAIO left for a combined 5.5 million. ANTENUCCI and ALBERTO were traded. I was going to invest some cash again but a major transfer failed at the last minute.

Only two new players arrived:

Oswaldo HENRIQUEZ is a 20-year old CB playing for Millionarios. He may become a regular and was cheap at 550k for a 75-rated player.

Da Costa GOORE beame a regular for FK Moskva last season and should get a +1 to 85 or with luck even a +2 to 86. He is 25 years old and a LB.

My player CELUSTKA moved to Palermo in the winter transfer period and got a +2 and a change to DEF. This was a nice little surprise. It is easy now to set up a team with an 86 average but going the next step to 87 will be tough. I would like to buy some more highly rated players but the market is very difficult. There is still time until the new season starts though.

I passed on a fairly big number of good risers lately as i am trying to reduce my squad number. But so far it only went down from 141 to 138 which is not exactly a big accomplishment yet. I will probably sell most of my colombian players once that country gets rated and then perhaps reach 120.

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Re: The Leyton Orient Challenge

Febuary 14

When the season started my team had an average of barely 84. Then over time it got better and i got to 85. My team kept winning and made it to the top of the table. For four games now the average has been at 86. From those four games Leyton Orient got one single point. My team lost the last two games against Bristol City and Luton and dropped to 4th in the table. Especially the game against Bristol was a surprise since Bristol had most of their team NMF. Right now Millwall is in first with 52, Luton Town in second with 49, Gillingham in 3rd with 49 and my team has 48.

I did not expect this at all. It all seemed so easy, my team became the strongest team in the league and now promotion is uncertain again. Hopefully i can turn this around quickly.

Nothing happened in the transfer market yet but some transfers should go through soon.

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Re: The Leyton Orient Challenge

Febuary 16

While my main team can't get any satisfactory results these days my B-team is doing great:

Yesterday Leyton Orient beat first division side Manchester City in the English Cup after a 2-2 and a penalty shootout. Leyton Orient played a very defensive and robust game. The match report has this to say for the first minute (!) of the game: "A horror tackle in the middle of the park leads to a straight red for Francisco MARTOS". Sounds like my team was just a little more aggressive than City and with just 10 men Leyton Orient got into the next round.

The transfer market was exciting as well. I sold a few more players and had a lot of money to spend. OMAR, DANI CARRIL and DIEGO GAUCHO were traded away. Tenerife players ARAGONESES and RICARDO LEON were sold for a combined 10 million.

These players joined my club:

70-rated 20 year old GK Cyprien BAGUETTE (what a name) joined from Charleroi for 10k. He has taken over the GK spot for his team in Belgium and is a U21 international.

Dorian DERVITE joins for 900k. The 21-year old CB is a multiple french U21 international and is now at Tottenham Hotspurs. He is regarded as one of the best french talents and i am quite happy about this bargain.

19-year old Yann M'VILA plays in CM for Sochaux and is a regular. I was able to buy him from an unmanaged club for 3.8 million. He is rated 82.

Andriy TLUMAK is a 30-year old GK who plays for Karparty. He is rated 80, cost me about 1.3 million and should get a big rise.

Souza ELICARLOS seems to become a regular at brazilian club Cruzeiro. A 84-rated CM/DM he can help in midfield immediately. At age 24 he could get a nice ratings increase if he can stay in the team. Cost was over 4 million.

Henrique TALLES CUNHA is a 20-year old brazilian youth international and plays Fwd at Internacional. He is rated 74 and cost 450k. One for the future.

Cornel RAPA is 20 as well and a regular RB/LB for Otelul Galati. He cost me 1 million at rating of 77.

Geoffrey JOURDREN is a GK who i sold about 3 month back. Back then i needed the money and now i felt that i needed another good prospect at GK. I have a lot of GKs but only GUILHERME plays at a fairly big european team. With JOURDREN i now have two good prospects again and hopefully one will turn into a star eventually. JOURDREN's team Montpellier is 2nd in France and he could even play in the Champions League next season. Needless to say this could help his ratings a lot. He cost 4.3 million.

Giorgos GALITSIOS cost me 6 million but this was money well spent. He has become a regular RB at Olympiakos and could even play for the greek team at the world cup. He is rated 85 and will play for my team regularly.

I haven't done this much trading in a while. Most of the above players are very good talents but their immediate impact is fairly low. Hopefully i can still get promotion and perhaps looking for another straight promotion in division 2 may be too early for my very young team.

The russian ratings have started:

GUILHERME got a +5 to 85.

YAKOVLEV got a +8 to 83.

So far so good.

As you can imagine my squad number didn't get any lower. I have so many great talents now and i don't really know how to deal with this. Maybe i can start sending out some players on loan next season, but i probably have to sell some really good talents as well.

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Re: The Leyton Orient Challenge

Febuary 18

Yesterday my first team finally won a game again. Bradford City was beaten 2:0 at home and my team moved into 2nd place. None of the other top teams got a win. Millwall is in first one point ahead of Leyton Orient and Gillingham is in 3rd one point behind. My next fixture is at Gillingham on saturday.

I think the russian ratings have finished for me:

VALIKAEV +2 to 77

GRACHEV +2 to 82

GOORE +2 to 86

LEANDRO +2 to 85

ASILDAROV +4 to 82

I will probably keep GOORE and LEANDRO for now. LB KUDRYASHOV did not get a rating increase but with GOORE getting +2 to 86 and CELUSTKA being able to play LB i am fine at that position.

My current weakness is at CB because my 86-rated CB MORERO is out for 3 weeks. Once Ukraine gets rated i should be ok though.

I bought one new player:

Ucha LOBJANIDZE is a new signing for Dnipro. He is 22 years old and plays RB. I traded away DEL PRETE and 1.8 million cash. RB is probably my strongest position now.

LOBJANIDZE was the 100th player i signed this season and he isn't the last. My assets (squad+cash) are worth approximately 240 million now.

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Re: The Leyton Orient Challenge

Febuary 21

My team put in a good performance and beat no. 3 Gillingham 4:0 away. No. 1 Millwall only got a draw at home against lowly Crewe Alexandra and dropped back into 2nd place. My Leyton Orient is back at the top now. Phew. The next two games seem fairly easy but in a week my team has to take on Southampton away in the 4th round of the english cup and then play Millwall at home. With Ukraine coming up my pool of good players should grow and hopefully i can field two very good teams.

I transferred in three new players:

GK Ron-Robert ZIELER joins from the Manchester United Reserves for 300k. He is 21 years old and rated 74. I may use him as trade bait.

22 year old striker Pablo VELAZQUEZ joins from Liberdad in Paraguay. He is doing well in the Libertadores and thats why i paid a steep price for an 82-rated player. I traded away VALIKAEV and BRUNO MIGUEL to get him.

Youssef AL-ARABI is 23 years old and a winger. He is a regular from Caen who are leading France's 2nd division and is playing an outstanding season. He cost me just 400k from a free agent and will get a huge rise.

I didn't get many unhappy players yet and i was able to trade some of them. Only one or two of the players that i really want to keep are still unhappy. I thought the pressure to sell would be higher and i think i can deal with the current system. I will try to give these players late substitutions on saturday games and cup games and perhaps keep them happy. Wednesdays don't work that well because i have to sub early with quality players to keep my most important regulars fit for the saturday game.

In the next few weeks i won't do much trading for players. I spent like a drunken sailor in the last two weeks and my pile of cash is gone and so are many players that i could use for trades. Now i need to wait until some of my players lose their trade ban and i can generate new funds.

Apparently the ratings schedule will move to Brazil and Argentina once Ukraine is done. For me this is good since i have quite a lot of players from South America and i get help more quickly than expected.

Edit: Unexpectedly most or all of Ukraine was just rated. The changes didn't help me as much as i expected:

TARASENKO +3 to 78 he was almost a regular and i had expected an 80

MKHITARYIAN +4 to 85 i had hoped he would get an 86 but ok

KURILOV +4 to 82

VOLOVYK +3 to 83

FEDETSKY +2 to 82 One of the best RBs in Ukraine with 5 goals and a regular for his team this is disappointing.

CHEBERYACHKO +2 to 83 A regular for no.4 Dnipro he has a great season so far. Could have been an 84.

TLUMAK +2 to 82 He played every minute and is team captain for the no.7 in Ukraine. I had thought he would get 83-84

I had expected to get 2-3 starters (84+) from this lot but only MKHITARIYAN can help me. Getting promotion is doable but a challenge for the first division next season looks almost impossible right now.

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Re: The Leyton Orient Challenge

Febuary 25

My team beat Reading 3:1 and stays in first. Millwall is a close 2nd one point behind but Luton Town and Gillingham in 3rd and 4th have fallen way back seven points behind the top.

Several players were sold. First on all i received a good offer for my 85-rated CF CESAREC and then looked to see if i could find a cheaper replacement. Colon 85-rated CF Federico NIETO was available and i swapped both players. I saved some money and NIETO will probably get a +1 or maybe even a +2 on Argentina's turn. He scored 12 goals in 19 games in the Apertura.

OMOLADE and ASILDAROV were sold as well. I received approximately 12 million for the three players and paid 6 for NIETO.

Some ratings were done too:

KRYVTSOV +2 to 80

TEIKEU +5 to 82

MOROZYUK +2 to 80

The ukrainian ratings were a bit worse than expected and I had hoped for a +1 for BARTULOVIC. He was loaned back from Dnipro to Kryvbass though and they are last in the table.

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Re: The Leyton Orient Challenge

Febuary 28

Leyton Orient won the home game against QPR 1:0 and stays in first. Millwall is the only real contender for the title now as everyone else is dropping points. The showdown Leyton Orient vs. Millwall is scheduled for next wednesday.

NIETO made the goal. He immediately got a +2 just after i bought him and is my first 87-rated player.

Some of my other players got good increases as well:

NUNEZ +4 to 80

GRANA +4 to 84

GABBARRINI +13 to 83

ROSELLI +3 to 83

FIDELEFF +3 to 80

I am happy with the ratings.

In the past few days a huge amount of young players was added to the game. I missed this at first and was late to bid on these players. When i figured out that here were still lots of young talents available i started spending:

Joao PEREIRA of Benfica

Jon AURTENEXTE of Athletic

Lamas JUAN DOMINGUEZ of Deportivo

Matt JAMES of Manchester United

David SIMAO of Benfica

Maceira IVAN PEREZ of Deportivo

Adam SZALAI of Mainz

joined and the offers for

Filippo Maria SCARDINA of Roma

Jose COELHO of Benfica

Gianvito MISURACA of Vicenca

Luca SCAPUZZI of Milan

Federico SEVIERI of Lazio

Alberto GERBO of Inter

Antonio MAZZOTTA of Lecce

Alessio LUCIANI of Lazio

Vicenzo CAMILLIERI of Reggina

Marco DURAVIA of Juventus

Ricardo CHARA of Udinese

Daniel IVO PINTO of Vitoria de Setubal

were accepted and are about to be completed. What a haul! I did miss the date when the players were added but because many other managers missed it as well and didn't find the players as quickly as i did i got so many for a fairly small amount. I think i paid about 12 million for the ~20 players.

CENDROS and MARTOS were sold for a combined 4.5 million.

I know that i am being greedy but young talents are actually quite a drain on ressources for a long time. I can only hope that some of these can help soon and most will be sold eventually.

Right now my main problem is to figure out who of my many young talents are keepers for the long run. My team number grew a lot but the discontent is still fairly low. I think this is because many of my players are either fairly new and still transfer banned or below 21. The few that are above 21 and not transfer banned for the most part get games regularly.

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Re: The Leyton Orient Challenge

March 3

Leyton Orient's small crisis is definetely over. The team has answered critics by winning a series of games and getting in firm control of division 3. Today no.2 Millwall was beaten 3:1 at home and on monday Leyton Orient even advanced to the quarterfinal of the English Cup by beating Southampton 4:1.

With only 6 games to go i hope that my team will clinch the title. Except for Millwall there is no contender left and Millwall is 4 point back. I will focus on winning the English Cup now. Maybe i have a small chance even though there are still several better teams left in the competition.

There have been no more transfers. I spent everything i had on young talents lately and it will take a bit to create new funds. I had wanted to buy some more highly-rated players but i think i will have to spend one extra season in divison 2 before getting promotion. My team simply doesn't look strong enough to get promotion yet.

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Re: The Leyton Orient Challenge

March 7

My team beat Crewe Alexandra 2:0 away yesterday and this win is the 6th league win in a row. My team is 10 points ahead of Luton in 3rd and has promotion almost wrapped up with just 5 games to go. Probably i will get the title too but its not that important for me.

A few new players joined Leyton Orient:

20-year old CB Julian FERNANDEZ of Argentions Juniors

18-year old CB Cenc GUVENC of Gaziantepspor

20-year old Fwd Dmitri RYZHOV of Ural who is on loan from CSKA

all three are young talents who need time to develop. So far i have very little discontent among the very young and lowly-rated players and thats why i haven't reduced my youth team at all. My main team on the other hand is fairly small.

TARASENKO and SICILIA left my club.

Next season is coming soon and I am going to try to get into the promotion playoffs. My team is not nearly good enough right now to get one of the top 2 spots mainly because i have not been able to find highly-rated players that i could afford. My strategy was to buy mainly young talents and wait for them to get good and i do have a huge amount of top quality talents already.

My best team is this right now:

---------------------GUILHERME 85 (Lok Moskva)--------------------------

LORA 85(Gijon)-MORERO 86 (Chievo)-BUNGERT 85 (Mainz)-GOORE 86 (Alania)

--------------TOURE 84 (Boulogne)---ELICARLOS 84 (Cruzeiro)--------------

LEANDRO 85 (Nalchik)-MKHITARYIAN 85 (M. Donetsk)-BARTULOVIC 84 (Dnipro)

--------------------------NIETO 87 (Colon)--------------------------------

With some good backups like

GK JOURDREN 84 (Montpellier)

Def CELUSTKA 85 (Palermo)

RB GALITSIOS 85 (Olympiakos)

RM ALVAREZ 85 (Bari)

AM CUVILLIER 85 (Boulogne)

And a number of 84-rated players. As you can see this is a young team with potential but without players on loan i can't even get an 86 average. But once the major leagues of Europe get rated again things should look pretty good.

My total asset value is just over 260 million right now.

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Re: The Leyton Orient Challenge

March 11

Some of my players were rated:




JORBISON +2 to 76


ALEX SANDRO +8 to 80

SOUZA +2 to 80

ELTON +2 to 82

Pretty much as expected.

The new schedule bothers me a little. I don't really know which leagues get rated within the next 10 weeks and that makes it hard to buy moneymakers. Good moneymakers are usually rated between 78-83, regulars for their team and older than 25 (because if they were younger someone would have bought them already).

Lately i spent most of my money on young talent and have very few money-makers getting ready to be sold. With wages over 1.2 million already i lose 600k on home games. Hopefully they will publish a new schedule soon. Maybe it will get a little better in division 2 but i need to stop buying youth players. Its easier to be said than to be done though.

I would even consider selling some of my talents to make money but with chairman intervention i cannot get a fair price.

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Re: The Leyton Orient Challenge

March 11

Last wednesday my team lost 1:2 at home vs. Tranmere Rovers. They have a really good team and are a strong contender for being the 3rd promoted club.

Then on Saturday Leyton Orient won 3:0 at Carlisle and since then have a small P next to the name in the table. Leyton Orient gained promotion and although there were huge celebrations the team focused and today beat Swindon Town 1:0 in the English Cup Quarter Final.

This season is a success and now i still play for two titles. Millwall is the only contender left in the league and are 3 points behind. In the semis of the Cup Leyton Orient will play at division 1 team Newcastle who will probably field a team with an average of 89. Another problem is that my best striker NIETO is cup-tied. I like my chances in the league better.

Not much happened in the transfer market. I bought 20-year old HENRIQUE from Gremio but otherwise skipped on young brazilians. For the most part the prices were too high and i have a huge youth squad already. HENRIQUE played almost the entire season in Brazil's Serie B and with so much match practise may be ready to take over at Gremio.

Some of my players got solid rating increases:

GLESDON +4 to 82

HAGEN +2 to 84

GULSVIK +2 to 80

LEKVEN +5 to 85


Team value jumped to 275 million.

They aparently forgot to rate PATRICK who played a great season at Nautico but i sent in a ticked and hope that he gets the rating tomorrow.

LEKVEN and LINDEGAARD were sold already and i have some cash again. Not much but i have some smaller transfers lined up in the next few days.

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Re: The Leyton Orient Challenge

March 19

Leyton Orient only got a point from the last game. I had forgotten to set my substitutions for monday and my best midfielder was still fatigued on wednesday and i didn't play him. So perhaps the bad result was my own fault. Leyton Orient is now only one point ahead of Millwall with two games to go.

The next player that was sold sold is HAGEN. He was the only player who i had left from the norwegan ratings changes last year and i got 4.1 million.

With the money i made a few days back i started buying again:

From Caen in France comes Thomas HEURTAUX. He is 21 years old and a regular for the division 2 leaders. The CB cost me just 1.7 million from a free agent for a rating of 80.

From Sochaux joins 24-year old LB Boukary DRAME. He has become a regular and was available for a part exchange. Young norwegian striker GULSVIK left Leyton Orient. DRAME is rated 82.

From a club named Carregado joins Alexandre Jesus MIGUEL ROSA. Carregado is last in Portugal's second division and i didn't even know they existed until i did this transfer. I bought the player because he is on loan from Benfica and a multiple portugese youth international. He is 21 years old and rated 76.

And last i bought a striker who could get playing time for my club. Dragan MRDJA joins from Vojvodina. He is 26 years old, rated 84 and the best striker in Serbia right now with 12 goals and 7 assists. If i get lucky he could get a +2 increase. He was available for part exchange as well. GLEDSON left my club.

And last some of my players were rated:

PATRICK got a +6 to 82

YAMADA +3 to 85

OTA +5 to 83

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