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Revenue Budget limits

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As SM are currentley doing a finance update I'd thought I'd point out this article linked here.


Here's a brief summary. It talks about capping clubs according to their revenue e.g. Real Madrid would have a higher transfer budget limit and capping a salaray of a player than that of Manchester City even though Man City have a richer chairman. It may be introduced within the next year or so, however it is unpopular among the clubs. In SM terms this would mean that in the English Championships Bournemouth FC wouldn't be able to Maldini as his salary would be too big, therefore making it fairer among the leagues and creating finacial secruity amoung the clubs. Any thoughts?

p.s Keep up the good work SM

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Re: Revenue Budget limits

SM are currentley doing a finance update ????? Is that what u call it a update..

If it is a update its a very poor up date...I have many teams from barnsley to man u..

All my teams run fine and even the small teams broke even over 1 home and 1 away game..

Since the new Finance a few weeks ago near all my teams income is near half what it was and i have teams that broke even b4 the update now make as little as 300k on a home game and i have teams that now lose 500k-1.1m over 1 home and 1 away game..

In real life a club will make millions on a home game,now on SM u lucky to make enuff to cover ur wages on a away game..

My clubs have always made enuff cash on a home game to cover a away games wages..now im selling players just to stay afloat..

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Re: Revenue Budget limits

yeah it's a little annoying. My River Plate team ended the season overdrawn and even though I got prize money, my chairman has not put any more money in. Hence I end up with a small cash fund for transfers however I'll be struggling to pay my wages. Pretty obvious why they did it as it'll encourage cash / pe deals and will stop player hoarding however seems pretty pointless in old WC's that have 20 managed clubs as all it does is frustrate the existing managers. Makes sense in many ways as the superstars cost £60K+ a week hence should help to spread them about however the downside is it will force managers of the smaller stadiums to likely have to sell average players and then they'll quit and go elsewhere.....and if you do actually sell some players to get cash, your chairman will steal the lot as a dividend and you'll have to start selling again. Not entirely convinced by this one I must admit, even though I accept that it is one way of capping squad size without having to advertise official limits.

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