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Greatest ever 5 European cup winning sides:


Greatest ever 5 European cup winning sides:  

  1. 1.

    • Liverpool 1977-1978
    • Milan 1989-1990
    • Ajax 1971-1973
    • Real Madrid 1956-1960
    • Real Madrid 2002
    • Ajax 1995
    • Juventus 1985
    • Benfica 1961-1962
    • Bayern Munich 2001
    • Marseille 1993

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Re: Greatest ever 5 European cup winning sides:

the juventus of the late 90s period was probably the best team of that decade, reached 3 consecutive european cups, but only came out with 1 title. in 97 and 98, juventus saved their worst performance for the most important games of the season, the champions league finals, against dortmund and real madrid.

zidane, del piero, vieri, davids, deschamps, vialli, ravanelli, paulo sousa, inzaghi.................add in an iron defence and marcello lippi at the helm, juventus reaches 3 consecutive european cup finals plus a semi in 99

Ps the real Madrid team of the 50s doesn’t count. They beat everyone when no one knew how to play football

As for the Liverpool team of the late 70s early 80s, was it a coincidence that their domestic dominance faltered after the pass back rule was made illegal?? lol

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Re: Greatest ever 5 European cup winning sides:

For me, the best sides I actually saw play were (in no particular order):

AC Milan 1994

Ajax 1995

Borussia Dortmund 1997

Real Madrid 1998 (they were far more balanced and played much better football than the more recognised 'galacticos' era team, in my opinion)

Bayern Munich 2001

The '96 Juventus team just misses out, but if the slightly better '97 or '98 team had won it, they would have easily made the list.

For an all-time list, the great Ajax, Bayern Munich and Liverpool teams of the '70s would probably be up there, but I can't really justify voting for a team if all I've seen of them is a few youtube clips of their best moments (I was reluctant to list Liverpool at first, but I'm not sure if that's because they weren't really as good as the Ajax and Bayern teams, or just because I don't like them that much :o). Sure they were all brilliant on paper and won some silverware, but how can you judge how they compare to more recent teams without seeing them play?

You also have the Real Madrid, Benfica and Inter teams of the '50s and '60s, but considering football was tactically very primitive back then, I can't really see how they can be put on the same level as the best teams from later decades.

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Re: Greatest ever 5 European cup winning sides:

By Far Real Madrid of the 50s. Games back then were no tactics' date=' just individual skill, and that team probably had more than Los Galaticos. Di Stefano, Gento, Puskas, etc. Good days :P

I picked one lol[/quote']

Hmm... they were certainly the best of their era, but great individuals don't make a great team. If your current team ran around like headless chickens for 90 minutes '50s style, they'd get picked apart by Segunda teams (and probably worse). If your talking about relative greatness, then you've got a point, but in terms of absolute greatness they'd be pretty low down the list (unless you only measure greatness by silverware, of course).

Your 1998 team was something special, and you've had a couple of other great teams since, but your '50s team? Compared with the Ajax, Milan and Juve teams of the '90s (and the 1 season wonder Dortmund team)? ...I wouldn't say so.

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