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Sell VDV for 50 million or not..????

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hi guys....i need your help..

i m struck in a dilemma over here....

i know VDV is going to drop to 93 and he might be transferred to another club depending on the new Administration at Real Madrid(which is most likely Florentino Perez ..and 90% chance of VDV going out).

but i have been offered 50 Million for him...i would like to do the trade before the spanish ratings...

i have a star studded lineup...and have 2 class players for every position..

i have Iniesta and VDV for the AM position...one has a geniune chance of 96 while other defo drop to 93...but the point is i m not able to get arshavin(manager being stubborn and my first choice to replace VDV)..Diego(second choice )as well as Gourcuff(third choice)..

hence i am limited in options...if you could provide be with better alternatives ...i would be very glad...and shall i do the trade.?

thank you ...

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Re: Sell VDV for 50 million or not..????

then dont worry about it. his only 25/26 and if he moves clubs i guarrentee it would be another big club. quality player. 93 is still a good rating, and then you will hae deigo to move up to his position. same with my situation im keepin tevez because if he quits man uinited he will moving to barca or madrid anyway and 93 is a great rating. VDV not worth 50

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