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So many resigning managers...

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Re: So many resigning managers...

People are leaving there clubs because:

1: They have had a better job offer

2: There club might be doing terrible

3: There club doesnt have enough money

4: They have found a better club

5: They have been at the club for a long time and are getting bored.

6: There players are getting Suspended, Not Match Fit and Injured.

There are probably various other reasons but theses are the main ones.

Hope this helps:D

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Re: So many resigning managers...

It is starting to get annoying being in setups with not many managers.There was only 40 something in one the setups I am in and now there is 20.What is also very annoying about it is the fact I have had 5 job offers since April 30. I am Napoli in division 3 and I keep getting offers from teams in higher divisions and I wanna stay with Napoli. Can I make myself unavailable or something haha.

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Re: So many resigning managers...

Probably due to realising that if you come into a set up with poorly rated players after taking control of a small club, the only way to try and compete is to build massive squads of youth players and sell them on at huge profits.

Profits to be used to buy higher rated players, that's the theory.

Then you realise that

1) Most of the best rated players are playing in other teams in your set up.

2) Most of the best young talent are playing in other teams in your set up.

3) To compete with other teams responsible for points 1&2 you have to be online quite a bit, certainly every day.

4) New managers get quickly peeved off and leave and decide to try another game world where they can get the Man Utd and Barcelona's of this world.

My game world has only 20 managers, myself and my 21 and 19 year old sons part of the 20 teams. That's only 25% managed.

14 teams are managed in the 1st division, 3 teams in the 2nd division, 3 teams in the 3rd division, 0 managed teams in the 4th division.

That's why I think a move away from massive squads used to try and compete on the higher rated player transfers and a move towards money coming in from TV rights is the way forward.

The occasional players want to be able compete without being tied down 24/7, thankfully SM realise this as the way forward.

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Re: So many resigning managers...

I believe SM should stop creating new setups and do a pre-owned team campaign to fill up the spaces. I'll admit I quit teams but only because a 100% filled GW soon gets to 20% and I'm quite a division 4 lover and enjoy the challenge of trying to get a team from division 4 to division 1 but without any managers in division 4 I lose the sense of a challenge. On the whole something needs to be done.

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