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Anton Peterlin - new Everton signing

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Worth bringing to the attention of the forum...


Anton Peterlin

Age: 22

Midfielder (Defensive)

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 170 lbs

Not on database, for obvious reasons!

Peterlin is a 22 year old American (with Danish passport) who has just signed for Everton. Joins in the summer.

He plays for Ventura County Fusion, which makes info on him very sparse! Fourth tier American team, official website is here...


Good thread on his merits (and on US soccer on him here...


Here is an article about his trial and the news that he has signed a contract...


David Moyes in a statement realised by the County Fusion has said,

“Anton really impressed myself and the coaching staff with his attitude and undoubted ability. We are therefore delighted to give him the chance to establish a professional career here at Everton.”

This has been picked up by goal.com, so expect more interest to follow.

Worth keeping an eye on at least...

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Re: Anton Peterlin - new Everton signing

Excellent spot that from a while ago - I've just read on the Beeb today that he is about to complete his move following the trial period he had. Young players at Everton have got to be reasonably high on the 'to watch' list as they'll usually get a chance at some point.

Good find, well done for collating all the info.

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