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Juciei - Corinthians' New Talent

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JUCILEI, da Silva


Name: Jucilei da Silva

Nationality: Brazilian

Date of Birth: 1988-04-06 (21 years)

Position: Defensive Midfilder

Height: 1,85 m

Weight: ??? Kg

Club: SC Corinthians Paulista

Database Status: NOT ON DB!!

Jucilei is the new Talent signed for corinthians from J. Malucelli (now to be known as SC Corinthians Paranaense) this is the first trade that the small team is offering to Corinthians, this Thursday he is signing a contract until May 2012.

As for his Football Jucilei is one of these moderns defensive midfielders like Hernanes, with good creative skills.

I used the search tool and didn't find him elsewhere but if anyone mentioned him before let it be known for proper credit.

Here are a couple of his skills:

As a playing for the youth squad:


Playing on the main team, he scored the second goal:


Coritiba and São Paulo were also trying to sign with him

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Re: Juciei - Corinthians' New Talent

He was added to the DB at 78 rating.

He has played 13 out of 16 games for Corinthians.

He is the team's best tackler with 1 goal, 32 tackles and 0 yellow cards. (after 16 games)

Comparatively, 87 rated Tulio (a solid DM for Gremio) Has the same 13 starts and 32 tackles but 0 goals and 2 yellow cards.

And he is a sure starter Corinthians midfield now that Cristian left is undoubtly: Elias, Jucilei and Edu.

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Re: Juciei - Corinthians' New Talent

I've spent the past few days compiling player ratings handed out by Brazilian media giants GLOBO and by the fans on the same website for each match. Compiling an average, here's what I obtained for the 58 players who were studied. I also calculated where they ranked amongst their teammates for each match, to give you a better idea.



12 5.7 Apodi VIT

15 5.6 Welton Felipe AMG

15 5.6 Jucilei COR

15 5.6 Elias COR

15 5.6 Mauricio Ramos PAL


15 6.4 Wallace VIT

19 6.3 Werley AMG

19 6.3 Jucilei COR

19 6.3 Douglas Costa GRE

19 6.3 Bruno Collaco GRE


5 4 Madson SA (7)

8 5 Wallyson APR (2)

8 5 Jucilei COR (5)

8 5 Boquita COR (1)

8 5 Giuliano INT (1)

AVERAGE FAN RANK IN TEAM (# of times first)

12 5 Apodi VIT (3)

12 5 Neto Berola VIT (2)

18 6 Jucilei COR (1)

18 6 Bernardo CRU

18 6 Dudu CRU (1)

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Respuesta: Re: Respuesta: Juciei - Corinthians' New Talent

I've been hearing Sevilla' date=' Valencia or Barca for Elias, and PSG or Marseille for Jucilei.[/quote']

Some scouters of Sevilla have been watching them 15 days ago against Sao Paulo.They are impressed with them but they only can buy one.I want Jucilei to come to Sevilla and Elias to Valencia.

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