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Guest Mr. Razzcocks

Re: leaked arsenal kit

We will never know...Well at least not next season...I'm pretty sure he won't leave in the summer.

I meant that without him Arsenal would play ugly football. . .with an ugly strip. :P

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Re: leaked arsenal kit

oh my thats hideous! i nearly brought up my dinner there looking at it had to change page to get rid of it there!

any1 who thinks its nice is either ripping the *!#* or is an arsenal fan, an they like it in a way that a father has to love there really ugly child, but will never admit it :P (honestly sweetheart your beautiful) haha!

anyhoo none of the other strips i've seen are any better infact there maybe on a par lol, soo i agree with whoever said it must be the season of ugly strips :P

I wont beleive any of the leaked strips until i've seen the players promoting them!

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