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Dan Griffin

Your First Ever SM Club. Where Are They Now? Still Manage Them?

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Re: Your First Ever SM Club. Where Are They Now?, Still Manage Them?

its strange' date=' i had a leeds united, went from div 3, to div 1 in as many seasons, straight promotion both seasons. finished the last season with leeds united in 9th in div 1 :D after my results with leeds, Man United wanted me, and well, lmao, I couldn't say no to managing Man U :P[/quote']

How could you!!?? :P

I have 5 other Leeds in total. One of them is in S2, 4 games in (got promoted). 1 is currently 4th in Div 1 after 15 games. My best. We won the Cup in S1, runners up in S2 after two consecutive promotions. The other one also got consecutive promotions and is now 16th in Div 1 after 5 games.

The other two are in GC's. One in 18, I came 3rd in S1 (lost PO Final), killed everyone in S2, and are now 4th in Div 2, S3, after 4 or 5 games. The other one is 54, about 28 games or so in S1, currently top on GD.

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Re: Your First Ever SM Club. Where Are They Now?, Still Manage Them?

There is another thread on this topic out there somewere on the web, So if anyone can find it please post the link


My first club is Darlington in English Championship [Accrington Stanley Played 0 Games] , Still With Them, 3 Other Well Known Managers Also In This League Also So It's No Pushover Setup.

Acheived 3 Promotions ina Row In First 3 Seasons

Division 4 Runners-Up, 3 Points Behind Walsall, Manager Then Left Them & He Is Now No Longer On SM.

Division 3 3rd, 9&6 Points Behind Derby And Tranmere & 3 Ahead of Swansea.

Division 2 Runners-Up, 2 Points Behind West Brom & 11 Ahead of Derby & 13 Ahead of Tranmere.

Division 1 17th, First Season With The Big Boys, As Far As I Can Re-Call I Did Pretty Well Untill Last 10* Games Or So, West Brom Once Again Finished 2 Points Ahead In 15th, While Derby Once Again Finished Behind Me & Got Relegated 5 Points Behind Me.

Division 1 11th, Good Going This Season, Finished Ahead of Newcaslte Sunderland And Boro, The Latter Two Both Getting Relegated.

Division 1 5th, This Is Were My Signings From Years Past Started To Get Increases In Ratings & Were I Had Enough Quality To Win Half My Games.


This Season Tough Is Going Alot Better & I'm Hoping To Win The Treble :eek: ROFL, 3rd In League After 17 & Into Round 4 Of Both Domestic Cup Comps, However Last Game YAYA Got Injured For 6 Weeks And He's My Only DM :(

:Typical Team:






Abundance of Youths, But Must Fight Alot of The Time For There Signatures & Act Quickly

Thing about this team is that in the begginging i bought alot of pap players and old players and prob missed out on the likes of mata pato bojan and lot sof others like them for this reason, Had i been more experienced i might have won more earlier on and got better youths that have no emerged, however it makes this team more original being my first.

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Re: Your First Ever SM Club. Where Are They Now?, Still Manage Them?

I started in a Sunday (31st August 2007) and my first club was an Ajax Amsterdam in a WC but after I looked around and I saw the transfers and the fact that the squad was destroyed being without Huntelaar and Heitinga , I decided to close it and get another one but I this time I looked for something special , so I chose Ajax in WC 300 from what I remember but there I had the same problem and I decided to look more carefully at the squad before joining the club.

I started checking many squads and I finally I managed the famous Ajax in Jonez World . It had the original squad from Sneijder to the smallest rated player and there were 2 extra players , Bilialetdinov and G.Castro.

At that time I was checking the forum more as guest but I was always buying the big risers.

Let's start:

Ajax (Jonez World)


Season 5 :

Gore's Worlds Shield Winners

Division 1 Winners

Season 6:

Division 1 Winners

Season 7:

Gore's Worlds Shield Winners

Division 1 Winners

Gore's Worlds Cup Runners-Up

Season 8:

Division 1 Winners

Season 9:

Gore's Worlds Cup Winners

Season 10:

Division 1 Runners-Up

I started with the achievements because it was easier to post them, but now I'll try to remember something about my players.

From what I remember I think that during this long time spent at Ajax I had 1000+ players in my squad and currently all the teams from the setup have in their squad at least 2-3 players from my team and if there's a good talent around it was at Ajax too.

My first XI has an average rating of 95 and unfortunately now , the setup was private locked by SMFA and one of my biggest rivals , the manager of Chelsea left the setup. Luckily I still have some good rivals in the teams of Arsenal , Milan and ...Corinthians :)

From my memory I can say that I bought Benzema when he was 89 , Aguero when he was 91 , Torres when he was 93 , S.Ramos when he was 91 or 92 , Balotelli when he was added on DB , also 3 days ago I bought Lahm for an offer which seemed great first for the guy who sold me Lahm (Totti+Laursen +2 M) and after the transfer was completed I got a PM from a manager asking me if I'm idiot or if I'm cheating and I told him to wait one more day :D and yesterday Totti was dropped to 94 and Laursen announced his retirement and today I PMed back the manager asking who made the bad deal now :rolleyes:.

Also I bought Ibrahimovic for Drogba +6M with a few days before the English rating changes , I bought Senna when he was 91 for 7 M .

Now an important stuff in my team is that in all this time as manager here I had only 2 droppers , Totti (96 to 95) and Scholes (94 to 93) and I think that this is the most important thing.

Here is the link to my Ajax squad with the mention that Arshavin , Capdevilla and Nasri are out on loan.

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Re: Your First Ever SM Club. Where Are They Now?, Still Manage Them?

My First SM Club & A Journey Through WC140

Okay, this is the first forum post i've done in a while but this is a thread that's caught my eye and i'd like to give my story of the journey from the club i first took over on SM. After a conversation on MSN with my cousin, boredom kicked in and i asked him the question, 'Can You Reccomend Any Good Games?'. Then he mentioned this site, relatively unknown with only a handful of members, SoccerManager.com. After being told to sign up, my 12/13 year old brain couldn't deal with all the different links and pages, and i eventually never logged back in, but then a week later after scouring the setups my cousin was in, i chose to take over, Division 4 side - West Ham United. At first i must say, in comparison to my cousin's team i was jealous as he was boasting the likes of Luiz Ronaldo, Thuram etc, and i was there with good old Luis Boa Morte

:o But still, the more i look back in heindsight it was all a learning experience and has definetly helped in the long term. Anyway here's a club by club analysis of each team in World Championship 140 i have embarked on my journey.


West Ham United - Division 4 (Season 4 & 5)

So after taking over West Ham United in WC140, midway into Season 4, at the time i was pleased with my squad and transfer budget, until my brother joined the setup and i then realised that my £7.4M budget was nothing in comparison to his £100M+ budget. But money didn't change everything, as tactics were vital to secure success in this setup and with only 4 games left of Season 4, i managed to bring the Hammers from 19th in the league, to a respectable position of 10th place. Must say, in all my time on SM even though West Ham wouldn't have been relegated, that's the best success in a short period of time i'd ever experienced.

So after managing to secure a reasonable league position, a very much needed cash boost came to my help, and i eventually was able to build a squad of players who i thought would secure my West Ham another reasonable league position in the next season. So in came, Roy Carroll, Robert De Pinho De Souza and Paul Konchesky, along with a whole host of other names. I admit i probably with more guidance could have bought a lot better, but in all honesty these players did the job :)

But midway into Season 5, i simply in all honesty lost interest with other priorities taking ahead, and the club was getting neglected, so for a short period of time (not long, maybe about 4 games) i left West Ham, and returned to see that they'd leapfrogged many clubs in Division 4 and with job offers being introduced after keeping West Ham United's run of good form continuing, with me at the helm, i was offered a club that i never thought would manage on SM. 'FC Schalke 04'. Okay, they wasn't as big as other clubs in the setup, but still it was an achivement but work at Schalke needed to be done and fast, but luckily i had not only cash funds, but a large squad which lacked quality.


FC Schalke 04 - Division 2 (Season 5, 6 & 7)

After being offered FC Schalke 04, i decided i was going to treat this team with the most attention and priority i have ever done to any team on SM. Not only did i scour the land for the youngest talent (because i didn't know about SM Forum

:o) But i spent large amounts of money on building a strong, large and consistent squad for the next few seasons ahead. After taking over Schalke with a large transfer budget, but bottom of the league and a squad that was majorly NMF, i started to buy players fairly unknown the modern world of football. Marek Hamsik, Robert Green and Mahamadou Niang were fairly unknown and were fringe players in Season 5 on WC140 but the rating changes, they were the hottest prospects. Also, i started to buy youth players investing in Raul Asprilla, Dani Parejo, Daniel Wass and Alan Dzagoev. All of these, turned out to be great money spinners for the club. Similar to my success with the Hammers in Div 4, i once again managed to save Schalke 04 and retained there previous season position of 12th. Mission Accomplished.

So as Season 5 kicked in, i yet again started to boost my squad with players across the world, in hope of making a title challenge. And in which i did, and i finished the season just missing out on the playoff's in 6th position. That season for me, was the season i feel i developed as a manager as not only did i get a jist for the game in general, i found that i suited to certain formations and team styles, and i knew which kind of players worked well and successfully for my club. So the next season, was Season 7 and well, this was the season where i came into my prime, and shown the world of WC140 what i could achieve at a club. In the first 15 games of the season, 15 wins accompanied and i was miles ahead of other teams in the division.

Then after the 16th game which i also won, i was offered a job in the elite Divison 1. I must say my first opinion was, Hell No! Benfica! But the fact is, after seeing how much effort from the previous manager had been put in and his 250+ game reign had come to end, i couldnt simply let a club of it's status and experience just go unmanaged. And so in early 2008, i left my job at Schalke 04 and took over Benfica. To end, this section i must say, my favourite ever managerial experience has to have been at Schalke and i still share an interest to see how well my old club is doing. Unfortunately that season, the new manager of Schalke went onto lost 15+ games out of the 22 remaining and Schalke finished 3rd in the league. All my hardwork and effort, wasted in the final half of the season.


Benfica - Division 2 (Season 6 Onwards)

Benfica. Divison 1. A setup full of managers who have the experience of over 200 games, massive compared to my 50+ game experience. But still, i was up for the challenge and i was pleased to join Division 1 as i joined my friends from school in Division 1, Lazio and Juve respectively, so i knew i had to pull something out of the bag to make sure i didn't get any stick at school. And i must say, different to my other success at the end of the season, with Benfica i didn't have to do much, and i simply just got used to the tactics, and the dynamics of the squad and attained 8th position. To be honest i was pretty pleased with this finish come the end of season 6, but Season 67 in my opinion had to be the season not only where i embarked on a title challenge but an attempt to become one of the best current gameworld managers which i was very close to getting in. After a helpful cash boost, i used my transfer funds to buy Robbie Keane, David James, Martin Laursen and Anderson Luisao who were the best players around at the time.

And in all fairness they did the job, with halfway through season 7, unexpectadly and suprisingly i was 2nd in a title challenge with my friend, Lazio. The pressure to try and keep up my winning streak was alot at the time, but i'd clearly by this time made my mark in and booked my place in the current best game world managers. Then as the season continued i continue to bolster my squad with players such as Simao, Chilleni, Sagna, Veron, Van Bommel, Niang, Nihat, Pogrebnyak and many more, along with a youth squad, that has earnt me over 25M in money spinning alone. To my dissapointment, i finshed season 8 by losing on goal difference with Lazio winning the league by +2 goal difference. But still, even though i lost the league i was delighted with not only my progress as a manager, but the fact i'd outclassed managers that had been there for over 200 games.

So, now where are we. 24 games into Season 4 i'm currently in second place, 1 point behind a club i'd previously managed who'd come back to haunt me. Yes you guessed Schalke are one point ahead, but they deserve to be as the squad i built has now come back to haunt me, and in a way i'm not bitter as they deserve it. Anyway, theres my story, below are screenshots of my squad, and current league standings. If your still reading this, thanks for reading and i hope you've enjoyed this very long post. Thanks, once again Adam.



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Re: Your First Ever SM Club. Where Are They Now?, Still Manage Them?

My First Team is Benfica WC424, had them for a while, lost them for not logging in then put them on my other account, couple of days ago ran the risk of them being lost on Job Offer but they were luckinly rejected and are now on my main account teams insanely ballanced :D First signing was Dzeko diont know hed be such a talent,


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Re: Your First Ever SM Club. Where Are They Now?, Still Manage Them?

My first club was and still is birmingham city in english champ 2514. i started with 16 mill and a club that didnt have the people that are now loaned to them (bouazza, sinclair and costly).

We finished first in div 2 and am currently in 7th in div 1, 10 rounds in to the second season. We also won the English Cup in the first season as well. My team starting team is as follows:

Gk-Akinffeev- 91

RB-Sapunaru- 88 CB-Agger- 89 CB-Pique- 88 LB-Vargas- 90

DM-Ever Banega- 88

Wing-Nani- 89 Wing-Juan Mata- 89

AM- Mati Fernandez- 89

CF-Pazzini- 89 Fwd-Higuain- 90

Not a bad team at all! :D My backups are the likes of senderos, guerrero, bendtner, denilson (loan), vidal and the only two players left from the original team, mcfadden and larrson

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Re: Your First Ever SM Club. Where Are They Now?, Still Manage Them?

Mine would be Bolton Wanderers in WC52.

Ill have to rekindle my interest in them, not been paying to much attention, but dont wanna let go due to sentiment lol.

Been with them now for 358 games, currently in the 9th season.

Won division 3, and division 2. Won the shield once, and the cup once, highest finish in division 1 is 4th. Not been great lately though.

Currently have players like Arshavin, Adebayor, Boswinga, Bruno Alves, Love, Toulalan, Kuyt, Vucinic, Bodmer, Higuain and Capel to name a few.

Have had players like Drogba at the club but sold for vast amount of moolar.

Its a really competitive league, and no doubt contains a manager that could argue the best squad tranformation ever. Search for Robert Drummond and take a look at his ruddy Lokomotiv Moskow lol.

Ill always keep them, just need to get them going again lol :)

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Re: Your First Ever SM Club. Where Are They Now?, Still Manage Them?

My first SM club was Coventry City in EC30. I took them over in March 2006 and I still manage them now.

It was a brand new setup so I inherited Coventry's real life squad at the time, which was small and very old. It contained the likes of Dennis Wise, Don Hutchison, Richard Shaw, Robert Page, Dele Adebola and Stern John, all well into their 30's! I was given a total of £12m to spend. I decided to invest this in some younger players to lower the average age of my team so I bought Wayne Routledge, Edgar Alvarez (Free agent). I also bought another oldie, Naybet, because he was all I could afford.

I also managed to get Theo Walcott on loan, he was rated 83 at the time, and I also managed to get Carlo Cudicini on loan for the season. So my team looked something like this:






I got promoted in the first season in 2nd place and then finished 11th in the top division.

The setup is now in its 9th season and my team has evolved somewhat, my current best XI is as follows:






Other players of note are: Rafael, Lescott, Jagielka, Adriano.C, Hernanes, M.Veloso, Guardado, M.Danny, Pavlyuchenko, Eduardo.

My highest league finish to date is 2nd place in Div 1 which came last season.

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Re: Your First Ever SM Club. Where Are They Now?, Still Manage Them?

Wolves EC 89 played 59 games wit them. I quit SM and came back in 2008. I remember i had navas sheringham david may! Baia ince postma

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Re: Your First Ever SM Club. Where Are They Now?, Still Manage Them?

River Plate WC 47

I took this team over midway through season 4, with River Languashing down in 15th in DIV 3, with a balance of 11.3m and have proceeded to build the team up over a period of time.

Season 4-DIv 3-Promoted

Season 5-Div 2-4th

Season 6-Div 2-3rd-Promoted

Season 6-World Champ Cup winner

Season 7-Div 1-14th

Season 8-Div 1-4th

Season 9-Currently-Div 1-2nd after 19games-2points behind leaders

Played 234 games ammasing 482pts at an average of 2.06

This is in an extremeely competiitive WC, 67 of the 80 teams are managed with at least 25 managers who have been at there clubs for at least 3seasons. I have managed to turn things around and now posess a squad which includes stars such as LOpez,Alves,Chivu,Garay,Capel,Maxi,Sjneider,Flamini,Robinho,Huntelaaar and Villa.

Not to mention 52 youths which include star names such as Santon,Forlin,Asamoah,Balotelli,Neymar,Asenjo,Rafael,Busquets and Keirrison

Not to mention 213.3m in the bank through my buy and sell policy, buy em cheap and sell them sky high if they aint playing, a case in point being Borellio I bought for 3m, sold on 3weeks ago for 22m. :P

It has been a long hard road but I really think the tile may be coming to River Plate and Argentina this year, the groundwork has been laid, progression steady and this could be the year where the big guns in this league Inter,Barca,Marseille,Arsenal and Depor feel River's force :P

Heres hoping, great setup great team, doubt I will ever leave them...I am a loyal manager

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Re: Your First Ever SM Club. Where Are They Now?, Still Manage Them?

My first job was at Panathinaikos in Division 4 of a custom setup (some time in 2007, I think). As can be imagined, we had a small stadium, budget was pretty tight and the players in the team were frankly poor. Transfer rules stated that you could sign only one player from an external club per season, which further added to the difficulties.

I brought in promising players like Alexis Ruano, Blaise Matuidi & Andre-Pierre Gignac, as well as strikers Helder Postiga & Johan Elmander. One of my best signings was, however, a certain young 88-rated RB/LB (now CB) called Serdar Tasci, whom I got in part-exchange for Marcelo Mattos (who himself has dropped to 88 now, IIRC). ;)

I was there for not more than 3 months; however, during that time, I once got them to as high as 4th in the table, plus I took them to the cup semifinals, up-ending heavyweights like Liverpool & Juventus along the way (I later learnt the team went on to win the tournament B) ). It was at this point that I quit SM to concentrate on studies.

I came back to the game months later, and I even joined the same setup on the way, this time taking over at Deportivo la Coruna. I noticed to my disappointment that my old team were still languishing in Div 4, and most of the good players had all been poached by other clubs, except for Matuidi. :rolleyes: Anyway, that was a good time I had back then. :)

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Re: Your First Ever SM Club. Where Are They Now?, Still Manage Them?

Had a Dynamo Kyiv team at first.Picked them up when they were 10th in division 2 with half a season to go and my friend got me to join them as he was in the same division.I ended up getting them promoted to division 1 as I finished 3rd. I managed to beat my friend also which was great. I finished mid table in my first season in division 1 and I was happy with that as I thought I would of been relegated. In my next season I finished sixth as my mate got relegated. I had to leave SM for a while then and I never seen them again. I would love to get them back.

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Re: Your First Ever SM Club. Where Are They Now?, Still Manage Them?

My first ever team were Brentford in EC4. I took them from the bottom of Division 4; 9 games into a season to promotion that year. I then got them promoted to Division 2 in the following season; and that's when I discovered Gold setups. :D

I lost interest with them over the next few seasons, and finally let them go about 6 weeks ago. Toggs took them, and hopefully he's still looking after them, as that team had a lot of sentimental value, and had some great quality. I had real issues letting them go, but it was only fair as they did not get the attention they deserved.

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Re: Your First Ever SM Club. Where Are They Now?, Still Manage Them?

My first-everclub that i took over was Juventus in a setup thats currently locked. This is the club I spend most of my time on and even though it has a small stadium, I still manage to survive in div1. Sadly, it has yet to win anything, just runner-up positions

season2-runners-up in shield

season3-runners-up in cup and 2nd in div1

Even though this club has not won any title, i don't think i'll be giving it up as it has lots of sentimental value+my friends are in this setup as well.

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Guest ExiledScotInTheUSA

Re: Your First Ever SM Club. Where Are They Now?, Still Manage Them?

My first venture onto SM was with Burnley in the EC123 league. I was below middle of the second division with no spare cash to invest so I brought in some oldies :P and they got me into 8th place in my first season. My second season I dropped to 12th place in the league and in the third season I avoided relegation to the third by one point :D. I had been saving my cash and was very prudent in the transfer market and some young guns came on leaps and bounds and got me into the play off's this season, which I won so I got my promotion to the first at the fourth attempt with a very average side. There were times when I wanted to throw the towel in but my perseverence and stubbornness to be beaten saw me through and I reached my goal :P

All I have to do is stay there next season which is going to be tougher than getting there I think as once again, not much cash was put forward :D

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Re: Your First Ever SM Club. Where Are They Now?, Still Manage Them?

Charlton EC 897.Toook em over got em to 3rd then left em.

Took them back a while ago and the setup was on the last game of the season.Survived by 1 point and sent Arsenal down.Now 9th level with 8th and 7th

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Re: Your First Ever SM Club. Where Are They Now?, Still Manage Them?

Everton Ec 1470.Got a 12 match wins in a row and unbeaten for 22 matches,got them from 10th spot to the 2nd spot,lost out to newcastle by a measly 6 points.:D

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Guest Atkin

Re: Your First Ever SM Club. Where Are They Now?, Still Manage Them?

Huddersfield Town - English Championship 136

I didn't last very long with them.

Northampton - English Champ 136 :P

Tryed to take 'em back the other day but SM wouldnt let me lol. :(

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Re: Your First Ever SM Club. Where Are They Now?, Still Manage Them?

My first EVER, SM Club.... TOTTENHAM!


In EngC 612, have had them since day one the setup was made, and still have them in my account to this date. I think i have a built a pretty good squad, however now find my club in debt by (- £6.3M!) :rolleyes: most definitely due to the amount of players i have gathered over numerous seasons, in total i have 150 players.

My Senior Squad;

GK: Joe Hart

LB/LM: Gareth Bale

CB: Ezequiel Garay

CB: Fabiano Santacroce

CB: Johnathan Woodgate

CB/LB: Mamadou Sakho

CB/LB: Slobodan Rajkovic

CB: Zanka Jorgensen

Def: Martin Caceres

Def/DM: Michael Mancienne

CM/DM: Michael Carrick

CM/AM: Luis Anderson

CM/AM: Alberto Aquilani

CM: Jermaine Jenas

CM/AM: Javi Martinez


AM/Fwd: Sebastien Giovinco

Wing/AM: Joe Cole

Wing: Aaron Lennon

Wing/Fwd: Ryan Babel

Wing/Fwd: Carlos Vela

Fwd/Wing: Robin Van Persie

Fwd: Alexandre Pato

Fwd: Krkic Bojan

CF: Dimitar Berbatov

Players out on LOAN:

RB: Lorenzo De Silvestri

AM: Miralem Pjanic

Wing/AM: Sofiane Feghouli

Fwd: Keirrison

Fwd: Jonathan Cristaldo

Fwd: Danny Wellbeck

Youth Squad: I have 119 players on the youth squad, wont name them all, just a select few. :)

-FIORILLO, Vincenzo

-AMOS, Ben

-WHITE, Aidan

-OLIVA, Maximiliano


-MUNOZ, Ezequiel


-SPENCE, Jordan

-MACHUCA, Alexis



-ADRIEN SILVA, Sebastian

-POSSEBON, Rodrigo


-SANKHARE, Younousse

-DELPH, Fabian





-BOQUITA, Rafael


-FLECK, John

-PALOSCHI, Alberto


-NEYMAR, Silva

... and a whole lot more!

and thats my first team on SM. :)

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Re: Your First Ever SM Club. Where Are They Now?, Still Manage Them?

Hull City in English Championship 2545.

First few games went well (think I was 5th after 7 games), but then my form slipped. Signed better players, but only got the odd result every now and again. With 8 games to go, I was well and truly in the relegation battle, but managed to confirm safety with two games to go. Left them after that.

(And no, I don't have them confused with the real-life Hull, that's what actually happened :) )

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Re: Your First Ever SM Club. Where Are They Now?, Still Manage Them?

AJAX in WC 1185

I've had them from the start and wont leave - In my heart now

After my cousins introduced me I chose Ajax, purely becaise there werent many other bigger teams left in the setup. I had the usual team and from the start as a noob I decided to build a team for years to come. My first signing? Scott SINCLAIR for £3million from Chelsea. He's still here (thought I'd sold him:confused:) but here are his magnificent stats over 4 and a bit seasons-

App 10(4)

GS 1

Assists 1

MoM 1

AvgPer 6.24


Lets run through my seasons with Ajax -

Season 1

A decent mid-table finish in 11 place - but hey I finished ahead of Inter, AC MILAN, Liverpool, Arsenal and Porto:D

One of my earliest matches - I beat Tottenham 11-0 I was thinking wow SM is easy but it turns out Darren Bent was in goal:p But hey A win's a win right

Season 2

Another mid-table finish, with 12th this time but at least one one of my strikers - HUNTELAAR managed to get into the scoring tables - with 14 goals and MUTU with 11

Season 3

This season I had GCSEs and so much coursework:( Unfortunately I kind of neglected my team and slipped to relegation by goal difference on the last day of the season.

Season 4

Ready to bounce back immediately to Division 1, the team was brilliant, winning the title by 11 clear points and scoring goals galore in the process.

Huntelaar and Mutu both scored 13 and Mutu finished with 10 MoM awards, the most in the league.

Season 5

Back in the top flight, one game has passed and the lads won by 3-1 against a quality Atletico Marid side - Amorebieta, Mutu and new playmaker Alessandro DEL PIERO doing the damage.

In the time at Ajax, I have focused on the youth squad alot, and currently have 92 players in it:p the most high profile of which are Marko MARIN bought for just 5.2 million:eek::D , Robert ACQUAFRESCA, picked up when he was just 85 rated, Zdravko KUZMANOVIC, bought for 10.3 million and Diego BUONANOTTE, bought recently.

I dont have many regrets but I do have one massive one with my Ajax team. I bought Andrei ARSHAVIN for 17million and he was brilliant for me. However, I stupidly sold him to Chelsea, albeit for 45million.:(

But as long as im on SM, I'm Keeping Ajax:D:D:D

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Re: Your First Ever SM Club. Where Are They Now?, Still Manage Them?

one of my first club in SM was and still is FC Porto in World Of Champions League 5 , a custom set-up who i have had since season 5 where i led them to a 4th finish in Division 2 missing out on promotion by 9 points with Alberto Gilardino getting 15 goals whick was nearly half of thje goals Porto scored. in season 6 i finished 3 and got promotion. Season 7 was a successful one, nearly winning the Div 1 title but lost last couple of games and ended up 3rd. season 8 i finished 4th. Season 9, i got relegated. after that, i thought, my squad is already bad, why not buy youths? so that's what i did, spending over 100 million on youth players, getting Mario Ballotelli. i now hav 22 senior and 33 youth players.

Transfers: i got LuKA mODRIC, sold him for i think 40mil, sold Ochoa-Ballack+money. got gilardino, ballotelli.

Bought Elmander-don't know why, i must have been a noob. now my squad is pretty good, with the highest SM Value being 8.7 mil and the highest rating 93-Ballack.

the only honour i hav is a World Of Champions League 5 Shield Runners-Up (Season 8).

My stats are Total Points: 321

Number Games: 166

Average Points: 1.93. it's not the best but hey, it was my first club

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