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Luis Figo Announces Retirement!


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Re: Luis Figo Announces Retirement!

So what if I dont speak well english' date=' Im not from England.

Because, you said that he didn't wrote that because there is no Sporting Lissabon in it, and there was, that's the reason I get into this.

I see you finally found it.[/quote']

Ah, now I get it. So the one who needs glasses is you after all. I´m going to quote the post that led you to argue with me:

Haha, very cute and emotional, but everyone can notice straight away it wasn´t wrote by Figo.

By the way, in the first post, why doesn´t Sporting appear there as well? Figo was a legend for them as much as he was in other clubs.

Read with attention this part: "IN THE FIRST POST, why doesn´t Sporting appear there as well?"

What does that have to do with Figo´s letter? I was criticizing the fact that Sporting wasn´t in the first post, not that it wasn´t mentioned in the letter. Be careful, on an exam you would have 0 points due to the lack of interpretation skill ;)

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