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SM Predict Rules

Guest SM Dev (Ste)

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Guest SM Dev (Ste)

What is SM Predict?

It is a new game I am setting up for people on the forum so that we can all test our guru skills against each other

Every week I will post a group of 8 fixtures on the forum. These are 'real life' fixtures, normally for the upcoming weekend from across Europe (not SM fixtures ).


Your predictions have to be posted on the relevant forum thread before 23:59 each Friday (for our none UK friends we will be going off GMT). You can only post your predictions once and are not allowed to edit them.

If you do not post your predictions for the upcoming fixtures you will be given 0 pts and the same applies for any late posts.

Points are awarded as follows:

1 pt awarded for guessing the right result (home, away or draw) and 2 further pts awarded if you predict the correct score aswell. So the maximum you could get from one match is 3 pts (obvious I know but not to all).


Atletico Madrid 2-1 Sevilla - all of you who predicted that Atletico would win would get 1 pt and if you got the score as well you would get a further 2 pts.

League Format?!?

I am going to create leagues depending on how many people want to take part. I was thinking of having 10 forum members per league and we can have as many as we want. The SM Predict season will last 8 weeks and the bottom two teams will be relegated from each league and will be replaced by the top two from the league below.

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