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Player Rating

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I have noticed that no mater how good the player is doing in your team that if thay are doing bad in real life thay drop rating so I have thort of somphing and it a bit like this.

Each game world has somone checking the player stats and every month the players playing well go up leval E.G beckham playes well ans scores 10 goals in a month he gose up 2 levals and the same if he dont score or is sid lined he gose down 2 the player that are 98/99 E.G ronaldo go up in value in stead of levil and down in levil if playing bad also i think a lot of managers would like if posible to whach there team play E.G FOOTBALL MANAGER STILE DOTS so you can make subs and taktics in maches so what you think leave a message if any of this helps with improving this brill game

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Re: Player Rating

The rating thing is almost impossible to do, there are like 4000 world champs, and then the same for enlgish, then all the little italian and spanish leagues. Too difficult. And the watching players move and then making changes is what SM are working on

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