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My Top 11 Englond Young Player

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England team for the fucher

Gk Joe LEWIS age 21 playes for Peterborough United lev 80


Rb Nathaniel CLYNE age 18 playes for Crystal Palace lev 80


Cb Jack HOBBS age 20 playes for Leicester City lev 80


Cb Elliot OMOZUSI age 20 playes for fulham lev 80


Lb Ryan BERTRAND age 19 playes for Norwich City lev 80


Rm Lee CATTERMOLE age 21 plates for wigan lev 87


Cm Michael JOHNSON age 21 playes for manchester city lev 86


Cm Fabrice MUAMBA age 21 playes for Bolton Wanderers lev 86


Lm Kieran GIBBS age 19 playes for arsanal lev 82


Cam Theo WALCOTT age 20 playes for arsanal lev 89


St Freddie SEARS age 19 playes for westham lev 80


What dose everyone think of my youth england squad leave a message and have a look at them for your squads thay are going to rise in the seasons so whach out for them

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Re: My Top 11 Englond Young Player

Where is Englond? Is it a district of Oslo? :P

You need the following players in the list:

Danny Fox

Jordan Henderson

Scott Dann

Also note that every player you mentioned in your midfield and attack have been known of for some time on here now, so it's a bit redundant in that sense. But I see you're new and at least you're attempting a scouting thread of some decency, so I can't knock you too much. My main piece of advice would be to try and post about players we don't know, and also to focus more on about 1-3 players per thread, and stick some research in and suggest their potential SM ratings. That's how to get your feet on the ground when scouting for SM.

Quite interested in Joe Lewis and Ryan Bertrand though. If you can gather some more info about them and make a thread it'd be good. :)

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Re: My Top 11 Englond Young Player

Well...i know he only plays in League one with Leeds United, but on the subs bench at least you must have Fabian Delph, young player of the year in league one twice! 4prem clubs are after him, Fulham, Arsenal, Manchester United and Newcastle (championship side hehe)

Have you guys seen the prediction England Team manager and players IF we host the world cup in 2018???

Awesome! lol

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Re: My Top 11 Englond Young Player

Loads Of Youngsters Missing Mate, But Nathaniel Clyne Use To Play With One Of My Team Mates At A Small Kick About League Right Outside My House, I Joined But Left After Constantly Being Knocked About By Bigger And Older Players, (I Was 12 Playing In A U16 League) But Yeah A Freind Of Mine Actually Played Alongside Him And John Bostock. Sadly, Me And Him Are Still Attempting To Be Seen By A Scout. It'll Happen Some Day Soon.. Im Sure. Anyways Back On Topic.. Mate You Have Left Out The Likes Of Wilshere, And Bostock. Re-Think Your Choice Next Time.

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