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XBOX 360 Fifa 09 Torrnoment

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Ok im making a tornoment on fifa 09 it will be the best ever you will be able to od tranfers and also loans it is for premiar ship and champeonship teams you will have game scedarals ever wensday and sunday if you get a red card you get 3 game band and if 5 yellow cards you get 2 game band (players for the teams) i am going to be chelsea and if anyone whant to join pm me or leave a reply on here my gamertag on xbox live is K4F Mad Man x so good luck and i hope you message me back.

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Re: XBOX 360 Fifa 09 Torrnoment

Here Is The League Setup

England PremiaShip.

1st Manchester United Taken glen c

2nd Livepool Fc

3rd Chelsea Fc My Team Taken

4th Arsanal Fc

5th Astan villa

6th Everton

7th Fulham

8th Tottenham Hotspur

9th West Ham United

10th Manchester City

11th Stoke City

12th Wigan Athletic

13th Bolton Wanderers

14th Portsmouth

15th Blackburn Rovers

16th Sunderland

17th Hull City

18th Wolverhampton Wanderers

19th Birmingham

20th Sheffield United

English League Championship

1st Reading

2nd Burnley

3rd Preston North End

4th Cardiff City

5th Swansea City

6th Ipswich Town

7th Bristol City

8th Queens Park Rangers

9th Sheffield Wednesday

10th Watford

11th Doncaster Rovers

12th Crystal Palace

13th Blackpool

14th Coventry City

15th Derby County

16th Nottingham Forest

17th Barnsley

18th Plymouth Argyle

19th Newcastle United

20th Middlesbrough

21st West Bromwich Albion

if you whant a team message me or leave a reply

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