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European Championship 1166

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Re: European Championship 1166


marseille Tranfer News

Today marseille named roy keane as there new manager and he is already signing Giuseppe FAVALLI for around 1 mill and also singing Dietmar HAMANN and Mickaël SILVESTRE for around 5 mill also he has managed to loan millan goal keeper zeljko KALAC for the season and if he playes well he will move for a fee of around 1.5 mill so good luck to all of them more tranfer news when it happens.

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Re: European Championship 1166


European Championship 1166 Division 3 Update.

English Manager Dan Griffin Takes Charge In New Challenge At Dutch Club PSV !

Friday, 22nd May 2009.


Fans hoping for times like this ahead in the new era of Griffin.

Just minutes ago, PSV Eindhoven presented the new manager Dan Griffin to the press and PSV community. This new headline has made the world gasp as no one would have predicted this. A manager like Dan joining such a small club like this, such a shock.

'' I have joined this club with an ambition, an ambition to get them to the top flight, every manager dreams of managing a team in the top leagues and i have been granted a oppurtunity to join this league and take PSV to the very heights of there limit.''

New PSV manager Griffin speaking to the community just minutes ago. PSV play there first game tomorrow away in Italy to Fiorentina. With the experience Griffin has, PSV are expected to win, but on paper Fiorentina are the favorouites for the 3 points. Match Preview to come later.
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