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Back To Back Promotion Challange.

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Back To Back Promotion Challange.



After Peterborough United and Exeter City won back to back promotion, i have decided to make a fun challange.

Take a recent Peterborough United or Exeter City from a EC. It must be the original squad.

Here's the points system:

  • Winning Your Division - 25 points

  • Runners Up In Your Division - 20 points

  • Finishing In A Play-Off Position - 10 points

  • Winning The Play-Off Final - 15 points

  • Losing Play Off Final - 5 points

  • Winning a Game - 1 point

  • Losing a game - -1

  • Win Six League Games In A Row - 2 points

  • Winning The Cup/Shield - 10 points

  • Winning Your Rivals (Northampton Town or Cambridge United For Peterborough United) or (Plymouth Argyle or Torquay United For Exeter City) - 2 points

  • Back To Back Promotion - 40 points

  • Unbeaten Home Or Away Record - 10 points

  • Most Expensive Team - 5 points

  • Biggest Squad - 5 points

  • Player Rating Increase - 1 point for each player.

  • Player Rating Decrease - -1 point for each player

    Every month i will ask for a screen shot of your team, results and your league table, so that i can make a table.

    So, do you want to participate??

  • Zakkoo

  • Me!!

  • Toggs

  • Nick Justice

  • Keep Carlos Tevez

  • Operation A

  • Dan Griffin

  • RGibbs


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