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Cash Being Worth Somthing Again

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Here is my top 3 Suggestions for this game to make it more real.

1. I think a lot of managers are getting anoyed when thay get a club that has a good amount of cash (£15M) and dont have anyone over 83 Lev can not get any deasont players because all players worth that amount are iver un avalerbule or player extange only so here is my chance to shine with a brileont idear anyone over 93 can only be p/e with cash and anyone under 93 can only be sold for cash or nothing at all.

2. After a manager acsepts your bid for there player insted of them joining strate away (24H) you have to offer them a contract so that over team can do the same as well and depending on you funds you can offer better salery and less lenth on contract.

3. Free agents why thay caled this when people are paying 10M for one of them why dont thay be free the best team to offer or the best contract gets them E.G I.Walker is a free player I no he is a 78 but small team like him so why dont thay get him for free and when thay offer for him you can offer a fee for signing for your team and the contract you offer for them.

I think this might help this game a lot expesaly GC so please leave a reply thanks for your time.

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Re: Cash Being Worth Somthing Again

Cash is only worth what someone else values it at.

When it comes to top players, It's not thats there too much cash in the game more so the fact that no managers want to sell there best players when they know another manager won't sell his best players.

The Players Contracts Was Up For Disucssion Some Time Ago And This May Change Slightly Soon As SM Are Planning On Changing This Part of The Game.

SM Also changed aspects of the gameworld econmies recently so i think we should leave that settle and see how it works out before suggesting new ways to change the econemy of a gameworld.

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