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El Messi II- David Moreno????????


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Re: El Messi II- David Moreno????????

Got an interesting quote here from a Spanish website about Moreno's 1st team place:

The first team coach of the UD Almería, Mexican Hugo Sanchez has called this week for that to be part of the training the first team to David Moreno, youth player of just 17 years, thus increasing the chances of being called for upcoming matches.

David Moreno was formed in the quarry's Real Madrid, from where he signed for the UD Almería. Born in 1991 with 17 internationally Sub Spain, and currently active in the computer branch of the UD Almería.

It says there that he's 17, despite it also mentioning he was born in 1991; someone cant do the maths! ;)

Here's the link to the website if anyone's interested:

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Re: El Messi II- David Moreno????????

Im nto sure this is much but on this website he is part of the 24 man Almeria squad...:o:o:o not sure if its true....http://www.sportspundit.com/team/383/

BUT.. as i cant read spanish i dunno where to look on the Almeria website..

and according to this... hes not..http://www.football.co.uk/ud_almeria/index.shtml

Jeez im not sure :o

Sorry lads and ladies :confused:

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