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Loan Out Gago?!


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Re: Loan Out Gago?!

Sevilla Have Made A Loan Bid For Gago. My Midfield Curently Consists Of:



M Diarra






So Should I Send Gago Out On Loan???

BTW I've Managed My Real Madrid Side For Seasons Now' date=' So I Signed Kaka & Ronaldo Myself :D...Don't You Just Hate Madrid?...[/center']

yes u could loan him out but also u could sell him it really wouldnt make a differance to ur team

so i would loan him out yes

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Re: Loan Out Gago?!

Tbh, I've wondered what the actual benefit of loaning out players is atm. The morale increase when they're playing is negligible, and with the introduction of balance and transfer budget, it doesn't really matter how high your wages are since they're only deducted from your balance, and it obviously doesn't have an effect if you're running into debt there.

Of course, this might change with the new player AI when a player becomes unhappy if he doesn't play, but then again players can also be concerned about being loaned out...

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