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English Championship 1663 - New Challenge!

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Re: English Championship 1663 - New Challenge!

No one is intrested mate.

May try and set up an new Ec106 and gets lots of intrest for it before it gets made announcing when we would get the Ec (what time).

Liverpool are the best :D:D

I can pay for it and be a team like tottenham if you like to help but will need all managers to join and make it big i can also make it privert invertation so everyone will get there teams what you say

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Re: English Championship 1663 - New Challenge!

ok still do you whant meto pay i dont mind as you are a good frind and i will pick a small premiaship team like tottenham' date=' aston villa ect what you say[/quote']

Up to mate. Might not necessarily pick your time though.

Need to get people interested first so it will prob be in a week or so.

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