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new setup and you pick the teams

Roy keane 1

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I am making this setup for the fun of the world and here it is there will be 4 leagues of 8 teams and you pick a team thay go in to a hat and get drawn at random I am manchester united so we still need 31 teams so get chosing as thay cood be yours in the next 2 howers or day it will be made today or tomorow

1 In Manchester Uniter Managed By Me.

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Re: new setup and you pick the teams

This idea SUCKSSSSS' date=' its a random draw but YOU get Utd hows that fair. Its more likely one of these set ups that you claim to be making then don't end up making, like you always do[/quote']

if you look i made the new setup yester day job for life and tomorow i am making this so please stop spaming my treds

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