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Vojvodina FC


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Re: Vojvodina FC

The coach has recently said that he expects much more from him in the future period. He is still quite young and it will take some time before he get more minutes in the game.

Cukaricki - Vojvodina 1:3 ( Match report )

Mrdja's goal


Tadic' goal

In the third match of the season Vojvodina beat Cukaricki. Goals scorer were Mrdja, Tadic and Djurovski. This is the third victory for the red-white team in the championship. Vojvodina is league leader now.

Pictures from the match


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Re: Vojvodina FC

Dusan Tadic is a very good left footed player. He does one particular move which gets him into good chances to centre. Tadic doesn't have a powerfull foot, but he still manages to score goals offten. He scored 3 goals out of 3 games. He was also one of the scorers in Austria. Tadic is still young and there is room for improvement. I have to say that somethimes he can be selfish whit the ball.

His pictures: link

Rudar - Vojvodina 0:9

Pictures from the friendly match


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Re: Vojvodina FC

Dobro su Vojvodina igrali protiv Dinamo.

Dobar je igro Aleksi i kako je njegov goal bijo.

Aleksic' date=' ovaj djeckoce biti super okobog da.

I speak a different dialect of Serbian :D.

Shtokovian Ljekavian.

Sljedeca igra za Vojvodina je protiv Zevzde.

Ajmo Zvezda :D.[/quote']

E Sunce ti... :D
Vojvodina 0-1 Crvena Zvezda

67' S.Perovic

Pa sta sam ti reko? :D

Just a reminder guys that this is an English speaking forum, so could you please keep your posts in English (like the remainder of the thread) so that the rest of the community can enjoy them? Thanks. :)

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Re: Vojvodina FC

Vojvodina celebrated 95-th anniversary

This year Vojvodina celebrated 95-th anniversary. Among many distinguished guests was mister Sinisa Mihajlovic (Vojvodina’s former player).



Mihajlovic' first goal for the red-white team in season 1988/89, when Vojvodina took the title (2:35).


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