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Brazilian Transfer Rumors Thread

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Re: Brazilian Transfer Rumors Thread

I am Sorting these Transfer in Domestic, Foreign players Brought in and Brazilian players sent out.

I'm also

They are sorted in

Player (Team) -- Team interested (possibiility of trade)


Alex Mineiro (Grêmio) -- Atlético PR -> deal canceled, Atlético-PR Can't afford him.

Bill (Bragantino) -- Botafogo, Corinthians, Coritiba, Santos

Eduardo Ratinho (Fluminense) -- Corinthians -> I find it very unlikely that a crappy LB like him will be brought back, but then again André santos may be on a leave...

Gil (Atlético - GO) -- Flamengo -> ?

Gum (Ponte Preta) -- Coritiba -> Coritiba needs a defender even a guy like gum is better than their swiss cheese defenders.

Jean Carioca (Botafogo) -- Figueirense

Leandro Bonfim (Fluminense) -- Bahia

Marcelo Oliveira (Corinthians) -- Santos -> Now that he is back on the field I doubt he'll be negociated.)

Marquinhos (Palmeiras) -- Botafogo -> very likely transfer Marquinhos is out of Favor in Palestra Itália

Morais (Corinthians) -- Flamengo, Vasco -> I think it is settled after the Copa do Brasil morais is going to vasco

Otacilio Neto (Corinthians) -- Botafogo, Atletico PR -> very likely transfer, Corinthians needs to offload strikers.

Rodrigo Crasso (J. malucelli) -- Corinthians, Coritiba -> J Malucelli has a contract with Corinthians so corinthians is first pick on every purchase.

Sergio Mota (São Paulo) - Bahia -> ?

Gremio -- Perea -- Flamengo

Flamengo -- Ze Roberto -- Cruzeiro

Flamengo -- Fierro -- Palmeiras

Juventude -- Renan -- Goias

Goias -- Vitor -- Fluminense

Goias -- Romerito -- Sport

Santos -- Molina -- Gremio

Parana -- Agenor -- Brasiliense

Sete de Setembro -- Henrique -- Santos

Barueri -- Marcos Pimentel -- Santos

Santos -- Fabiano Eller -- Sao Paulo

Santos -- Roni -- Sport

Guarani -- Valter -- Sport


Valladilid (ESP) -- Oldoni -- Atletico PR

Racing (URU) -- Balsas - Atletico PR

Racing Cordoba (ARG) - Fernandez -- Avai

Boca Juniors (ARG) -- Damian Diaz -- Botafogo

Valencia (SPA) -- Edu -- Corinthians

Betis (SPA) -- Lima -- Corinthians

Bayern (GER) -- Ze Roberto -- Corinthians, Santos

Aris (GRE) -- Thiago Gentil -- Coritiba

Hoffenheim (GER) -- Fabricio -- Flamengo

Fenerbahce (TUR) -- Roberto Carlos -- Flamengo

Tottenham (ENG) -- Gilberto -- Fluminense

Chelsea (ENG) -- Mineiro -- Fluminense

Barcelona (SPA) -- Sylvinho -- Fluminense

Borussia Dortmund (GER) -- Tinga -- Fluminense

Al Shabab (UAE) -- Renato -- Gremio

Colo Colo (CHI) -- Figueroa -- Palmeiras

Fenerbahce (TUR) -- Maldonado -- Palmeiras

Hoffenheim (GER) -- Wellington -- Sport


Atletico PR -- Gustavo -- Vitoria Guimaraes (POR)

Corinthians -- Chicao -- Benfica (POR) -NOT GOING TO HAPPEN-

Corinthians -- Elias -- Atletico (SPA), Real Madrid (SPA), Fiorentina (ITA), Roma (ITA)

Corinthians -- Lulinha -- Benfica (POR) - (Trial Loan confirmed)

Cruzeiro -- Kleber -- Liverpool (ENG), Napoli (ITA)

Flamengo -- Josiel -- Al Wahda (UAE), Sport

Flamengo -- Jonatas -- Espanyol (SPA)

Flamengo -- Ibson -- Porto -- ??

Internacional -- Rosinei -- Fluminense, Murcia (SPA)

Fluminense -- Ricardo Berna -- Larisa (GRE)

Fluminense -- Thiago Neves -- Al Hilal (SAU)

Gremio -- Rever -- Bari (ITA)

Gremio -- Souza -- PSG (FRA)

Gremio -- Victor -- Parma (ITA)

Internacional -- Bolivar -- Monaco (FRA)

Palmeiras -- Keirrison -- Barcelona (SPA), Lyon (FRA)

Sao Paulo -- Rodrigo -- Dinamo Kyev (UKR)

Sport -- Weldon -- Benfica (POR)

Vitoria -- Ramon -- América (MEX)


Atletico PR -- Chico -- ???

Botafogo -- Diego -- ??

Botafogo -- Lucas Silva -- ??

Coritiba -- Leandro Silva -- ??

Figueirense -- Julio Cesar -- ??

Figueirense -- Rafael Lima -- ??

Flamengo -- Bruno -- ??

Flamengo -- Juan -- ??

Fluminense -- Everton Santos -- ??

Internacional -- Walter -- ??

Internacional -- Leandrao -- ??

Nautico -- Gilmar -- ??

Palmeiras -- Max -- ??

Sao Paulo -- Andre Dias -- ??

Sao Paulo -- Hernanes -- ??

Sao Paulo -- Miranda -- ??

Santos -- Kleber Pereira -- ??

Santos -- Astorga -- ??

Sport -- Ciro -- ??

Sport -- Saulo -- ??

Sport -- Eliseu -- ??

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Re: Brazilian Transfer Rumors Thread

Kleber (Gladiador) to Napoli

Today on the midday news It was announced that Cruzeiro was approached by Napoli on behalf of Kleber's purchase, the Cruzeiro chairman stated that Kleber will remain on the Toca da Raposa (Fox's Nest) until the end of the Libertadores. And the player says he doesn't want to go abroad after his experience in Ukraine.



Bill to Corinthians

Yesterday a street Journal from Bragança Paulista announced that several teams were interested on Bill, with a more formal approach by Botafogo, And Coritiba, however, Bragantino's close contact with Corinthians, may allow Corinthians to purchase the player for the same amount agreed to with Botafogo.

Bill is to be announced at Parque São Jorge (St. George's Park) after the End of the "Copa do Brasil".



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Re: Brazilian Transfer Rumors Thread


This is a translation off of Palmerias' official club website:

Barcelona officially proposed by the attacker Keirrison

Agency Palmeiras

26/06/09 - 15h54

This Friday (26) in the morning, FC Barcelona, Spain, official with the Society Sports Palmeiras a proposal to purchase the attacker Keirrison.

Although so far the negotiations have not been achieved, the athlete will not be related to the departure from this Sunday (28), against the Saints, in the Lecture Italy, and follow out of time until the situation is defined.

*Just posting this here too in case nobody sees on the transfer rumour thread*

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