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Re: essien deal?

VAN NISTELROOY, Ruud sell is going down

do the essien deal as you have huntellaar and higuain who are both exellent. try to sell some players (i will tell you to later ) to trade or for cash and then maybe get your forwards better so not average rating of 92 but maybe higuain and kanoute or something like that. i will tell you who to sell now tho.

SAVIOLA, Javier sell asap not playing simple really

ROBBEN, Arjen keep him and see if he gets game time with ronaldo and kaka next season : i think he will and if he does keep him , if not then trade as one of best wingers in game he is valued by other managers. wait and see but do not sell now as i have seen him and think 94 is easily possible based on talent !

KAKA, Ricardo keep ;)

VAN DER VAART, Rafael not having a great season but next time may featrure more, wait and see for him you may have to sell if he dosnt get the game time tho

SNEIJDER, Wesley again injury has ruined this season and wait and see.... he could keep his rating but nearer the ratings if he is not playing sell but i rate him highly so do not sell just yet,

GAGO, Fernando keep :)

GUTI, José María sell ASAP ! really should sell him tbh

DE LA RED, Rubén i would sell him tbh i can't see him getting much game time this season or the next so sell for me although i decent prospect

DIARRA, Mahamadou keep him unless the other diarra replaces him next season,yet again wait and see if he plays much next season

DIARRA, Lass has kinda cemented more game time to his name so watch him next season but i think 92 is possible if all goes well so keep :)

DRENTHE, Royston i would sell perosnally

PEPE, Ferreira GARAY, Ezequiel keep both do not sell them :)

SERGIO RAMOS, García despite going down to 94 still one of best RB in world so keep :)

MIGUEL TORRES, Gómez, SALGADO, Míchel ,HEINZE, Gabriel ,CODINA, Jordi sell these to get money for buying better players :)

sell those players i have said and try to buy good players to improve your team using that money and use the higher rated like heinze in trades possibly :P

i say do not sell plaers like pepe but obviously if you can get chiellini then you should as he is better but garay i would keep for now as a future 95 + :)

i think you need to boldster your midfield so do the essien deal and try to sell the people i have said for

senna, alonso, mascherano , yaya toure, de rossi, carrick , mikel, :)

hope this has helped a lot !

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