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Cissohko or Orlando Sa


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Re: Cissohko or Orlando Sa

Well, profit wise, Orlando Sá is better, on the long run Cissokho is better. Why? You´ll spend around 5-6M on Cissokho in any setup now. And this is the minimum value in a common Porto, if he is still in Setubal (external club) in your setup, you will surely pay a lot more. Also, you´ll hardly be able to buy him for the minimum fee if he´s at a managed club. Despite his price, provided he keeps his first place and form, he will rise to 88 and ultimately to 90, and then gradual +1 raises (speculating a bit, but I´ll assume he plays like he did this season).With Orlando Sá it is a different deal, he won´t cost more than 2M (again depends on factors like his current team, etc.) and if he plays a couple of games and scores some goals, he will jump to ~85. So again, for profit, go for Orlando Sa. For an immediate first teammer, go for Cissokho.

EDIT: Hm... Just saw the deal. It is very difficult. tell you what, flip a coin. Heads do the deal, tails don´t do it.

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