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Re: | Save Our Season | Bristol City EC1292 | Match Reports And Transfer News Thread


Bristol City Grab A Point In East London


West Ham 2-2 Bristol City

Things didn't look so good for new manager Dna Griffin as Bristol City went 1-0 down within the first 20 minutes, Nicklas Bendtner taking full advantage of a poor fubmle by the City goalkeeper. 15 Minutes later, Bristol City started to find there rythm in this game, and hit back at the Hammers with a peach of a goal coming from Dele Adebola as he smashed home a 25 yarder.

20 minutes into the second half, West Ham scored after being totally dominant in the start of the half, Nicklas Bendtner with his second of the match as he scored with an open goal as the keeper was on the floor when he tried to save the shot that smashed on the crossbar. The Bristol City fans will be singing Louis Carey's name for the rest of the week as he saves his team when he scored a diving header at the back post in the 84th minute!


Carey and the team celebrating the equalising goal.

16: Tottenham Hotspur 38

17: West Brom Albion 36


18: Arsenal 32

19: Bristol City 32

20: Leicester 28

Leicester Surely the first team to face the chop drop from the Premier League from the 2008/09 Season? Arsenal and Bristol City battle it out to drop Spurs and the Baggies in the Relegation Zone. If Bristol are to get out, Griffin only has four games left to do the impossible

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