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Making New Ec !!!!!!!


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buying GM later, also might buy a English Champ, Is anyone interested,

we will have :

The Challange Cup - aranged by me on the forum, were i will pick names out of a hat, and the teams i pick arange friendlys against each other, and the winner will pass to the next round, were we will do the same thing again.

The winners Cup - in all four divisions, The winners and the runners up in the leagues, get put into a hat, then drawn out, and played via friendlys, so 1st and 2nd in all 4 divisions will play who ever they get picked to play against,

There will also be the normal Cups,

Im Hoping we can make this like EC 106. I will inform people when its made, If we get enough intresst,

Post if ur interested and what team ur going for :)

Interested Players !





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