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how much for gattuso?


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Re: how much for gattuso?

how much can i get for gattuso? how much to ask?

Don't sell Gattuso for money, you won't get much. Do a P/e deal.

Otherwise it would be staggeringly unfair on you, and if the amount was to large your chairman would stop it.

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Re: how much for gattuso?

they have offerd me 20m plus Franco ZUCULINI?

accept or no?

who else have you got in your team ?

atm i would say no as zucilinni won't even be 90 for a long time yet forget 94 althougin 10 years maybe.

i would try to trade gattuso who is in decline of his career for de rossi, senna , and other good CM :)

zucilini is long term prospect but i think your first team is more important if you want to win leagues or cups

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Re: how much for gattuso?

i have stankovic senna pirlo hamsik gorccuff' date=' fellaini[/quote']

defo sell him then.

do you need good defenders or forwards ?

if you only have 90 rated forwards try and trade him for higuian or pato etc

or weak defence get chiellini or somebody :)

basically look at weakest part of your squad and then use him in a trade to get an awesome player :)

hope this helps

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