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Why are lots of teams not being taken in newer leagues?


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Re: Why are lots of teams not being taken in newer leagues?

I've got 13 clubs in leagues ranging from about 10 managed teams to about 40. Unfortunately people get hooked, invite their friends and therefore want their own set-up, plus as so many leagues have been created most people want immediate success and club hop across leagues. I took my gold membership about a year ago and joined WC's in the rang 2500 however now we're up to 6,000 ish +. With up to 80 teams a league the addition of several thousand new leagues is going to increase the number of available clubs by hundreds of thousands. Unfortunately the increase in available clubs has not kept place with the number of new players resulting in most leagues being sparsley populated.

I'd prefer it if the number of clubs you can manage increased over 3 as I'd happily take another club as no doubt would many players however SM are unlikely to give away such freebies as they want to encourage gold memberships.

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