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New Dutch Prospect


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Bart BIEMANS is a young player at willem like others before him e.g Leo Veloso he was given a chance last season and appeared for his club 11 times. Many of these were at the end part of the season so will probably continue playing first team next season as his impressive performances keep getting him starts. The reason i mentioned Leo Veloso is because he is also a young talent just like Biemans he was allowed a chance last season he also showed he was a good quality player and has had 27 starts. he got a rise of 8,Biemans has had under halve of that but with the Dutch ratings further away personally I don’t see any reason why he will not keep starting games.

SM Rating:74

Predicted Rating:80/1

I Know Leo Veloso is well known to some people and im sure he will Have at least one thread but to those of you that dont know of him he is only 81 on SM and is a regular for his club so i expect him to earn another rise

SM Rating:81

Predicted Rating:84

please leave opinions and coments

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Re: New Dutch Prospect

Biemans is a great scout, much appreciated! :) Although, for these ratings predictions to be right, surely they'll have to do well in the Eredivisie next season, and what are you basing these predictions on? It just seems a bit too soon to have a massive rise so soon after the Dutch Ratings Changes and when there's such a massive close season?

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